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HCL To Help Tamil Nadu Govt To Set Up Data Analytics Center To Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

HCL To Help Tamil Nadu Govt To Set Up Data Analytics Center To Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Many global companies are making an effort to ease up the wrath that COVID-19 has brought to the world. In a recent development, the government of Tamil Nadu has partnered with HCL to set up a Data Analytics Center to strengthen the state’s disaster management efforts. 

Tamil Nadu’s Disaster Management Center is responsible for the overall management of disasters across the entire state. With over 1000 coronavirus cases, the state is one of the worst affected in the country and the government is taking all the necessary measures to bring down the numbers.

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By roping up HCL Technologies, the government aims to set up a Disaster Management – Data Analytics Center to fight off the COVID 19 pandemic.

What will the data analytics centre facilitate?

HCL will provide support to the Disaster Management – Data Analytics Center, to capture data trends from across all districts in the state in real-time. This data trend will be displayed live to help the government make future decisions and decide the degree of response needed for each district. It will also help in deciding the graded relaxation of the current lockdown to resume economic activities based on the number of cases in a district. It will capture data trends from the citizen queries which in turn will be fed into the Emergency Operations Center to guide the future course of action.

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As per reports, apart from working on the data analytics centre, the company will also help in expanding the state’s disaster management helpline (1070) through technological upgradation, manpower assistance and effective reporting mechanisms. The Center operates a call centre which is accessible to people across the state and delivers the first level of response in an emergency.

Apart from setting up data analytics centre, HCL will provide value in terms of:

  • Upgrading their existing call centre by implementing an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system to effectively route calls between different government departments
  • Building a state-of-art case flow system to track caller identity and provide a follow-up from the relevant departments
  • Providing manpower assistance to respond to calls and address queries on food shortage and availability, support to the migrant population, differently-abled and elderly, respond to queries related to health and more
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