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Hotstar and Zapr tie-up to tap on the mobile audience analytics

Hotstar and Zapr tie-up to tap on the mobile audience analytics

Stressing on deep user engagement and segmentation of the audience on mobile marketing platforms, Hotstar, one of the leading digital streaming platforms in India has partnered with Zapr Media Labs, a Bangalore-based media tech company.

With this partnership, Hotstar, a Star India Ltd initiative, intends to drive the next wave of mobile audience analytics in India. The strategic partnership between the two brands would help in creating a better understanding of the mobile audience that can further be used by brands for personalized communication with the audiences through ads and offers.

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The advertisers many soon have access to the first set of consumer analytics data as the companies would be sharing it in the coming few weeks.

Why the need of analytics in mobile streaming platforms?

Though internet has been raging the mobile screens for a while, the mobile marketing options hasn’t been tapped fully till date. This could be attributed to lack of platforms that could track user engagement and segmentation. This means that though there has been a significant amount of display ads, the marketers have failed to build up a significant brand value due to lack of audience analytics.

This partnership can break these short fallings and set out a roadmap for advertisers that can get them the most of the digital platforms. With more than 200 million downloads till date, Hotstar believes that with this partnership, marketers would be able to leverage deep audience analytics and create better brand building at mobile platforms.

“Hotstar, through this partnership, intends to evolve into a full-fledged technology and analytics company that will shape the next wave of mobile usage and advertising in India. Hotstar and Zapr will together create a deeper understanding of mobile audiences that can be leveraged by brands to drive impactful audience targeting as well as create personalized communication and offers”, Zapr wrote in its blog.

Why Zapr Media?

It is worth noting that Zapr media has rapidly grown into one of the India’s largest media consumption repositories with millions of user data, that is significantly more than others in the industry. It has been analysing television viewership across various channels in India, providing targeted digital analytics and insight into offline consumer behaviour. The company also boasts of an analytics platform, built by the company itself, that lets the marketers have better understanding of the audiences and target them better, thanks to the huge repository of data that it analyses.

This partnership is accompanied by a minority investment in Zapr Media by Hotstar, the amount and terms of which hasn’t been disclosed yet.

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