Startup of the week | Quintype — the Data-Driven Publishing Platform

Founded in September 2014 by Amit Rathore, Quintype provides end-to-end SaaS service needed to create and distribute content, understand and grow the audience, and most importantly monetize that content. Having raised $3.25 million from a clutch of private investors led by Ragahv Bahl, it was formed with an intent of freeing publishers from tech heavy lifting and allowing them to focus on their core competencies– creating and monetizing quality content.

Amit Rathore who has been a serial entrepreneur believes “if you are not amongst the top 2-3 in the industry – you should not waste time, money and effort in building a tech platform from the ground up.” With this hypothesis proven adequately in the market, Quintype is powering more than 30 million page views per month, in a short span of barely 18 months.

The need for Qunitype

As Amit Rathore, CEO and Founder, Quintype says,“The digital media industry is facing its biggest existential crisis ever, as advertisers today can reach an audience directly through social platforms. The game is no longer about impressions, but about reaching the right audience on the internet – wherever they are present”.

With Facebook and Google, the brands and advertisers are circumventing publishers and reaching out to the audience directly, as it’s a cheaper way to reach audiences. If figures are to be believed, in 2016, Google & Facebook cornered 85% of all the new advertising dollars in the digital media industry. If you back out the revenues earned by Facebook and Google, the rest of the industry has significantly declined in size!

The only way here for publishers to own their audience again and monetize their content is by getting to know their customers better and providing value that other social platforms cannot provide.

This is where Quintype comes into picture where it is helping publishers continuously build and collate rich first party data – through interesting widgets, smoothly interspersed in between engaging content. It helps publishers build a comprehensive rich profile over time – which can then be used for laser sharp targeting of customers. Brands find this data rich profile invaluable for their marketing efforts.

Let’s find out how is Quintype is looking to completely revamp the business model that disrupts display advertising?

Quintype’s SaaS Platform

In his last company, Amit built a SaaS platform, which delivered a pricing engine using algorithms for the retail e-commerce market. Remembering this time, Amit says “It was a chance meeting with Raghav Bahl during this time that sparked off a discussion on using the same principles as in retail e-commerce to the rapidly evolving digital media space.”

Raghav was starting a new venture after selling the Network18 Group of companies to the Ambanis and was looking for a digital publishing solution to power his proposed digital media properties. He had seen how new age publishers like Buzzfeed, Vox Media had used technology to rapidly scale operations to hundreds of millions of users in a span of 3-5 years, and was looking for something similar.

This led to the use of SaaS platform into digital media and hence the birth of Quintype.

The SaaS platform by Quintype provides a modern media technology platform which leverages its customer a modern Content Management System with integrated features for audience development, management & engagement, monetization and business relevant analytics.

Quintype’s pubtech platform offers a one-stop-shop solution including editorial planning, support for card-ified content, engaging story templates, rich media support, context aware chat & notifications, omni-channel publishing and content personalization for the clients, eliminating the need for an in-house technology support.

As publishing technology evolves, publishers feel the need of fast, flexible and nimble platform that can leverage bleeding edge technology. Quintype’s SaaS platform, enables this – making the technology adoption virtually risk free. Being a SaaS platform enables Quintype to continuously upgrade and provide its customers with augmented experience on the go. Their value proposition has been tested in the market and has been successfully tested in the past 18 months with a cumulative growth of 24% Month on Month.

Big Data & Analytics at Quintype

Quintype has templated story formats – each story is broken up as multiple cards, and each card in turn comprises multiple story elements. Quintype captures data at an elemental level. The granularity of the content capture and the tracking of their usage helps Quintype analyse the data across multiple dimensions thereby providing unique insights and behavioral patterns of users visiting their publishers’ digital platforms.

Using these data collected and applying various big data techniques, Quintype provides its customers various recommendations that can help increase the audience base and also improve audience engagement. Some examples of use cases powered by big data on their platform are:

For Publishers-

  1. Recommendation on social strategy for publishing the content on social media platforms
  2. Way they should phrase their content and the elements that will make blockbuster content.
  3. Time of the day that they should consider publishing based on the traffic and usage patterns
  4. On a ‘catchy’ title that can be used for attracting readers
  5. Alerts on spiking articles for them to promote the content aggressively

For Audience-

  1. On showing relevant content to the audience based on their browsing behavior
  2. Newsletters based on the audience interest

With multiple publishers on board, Quintype is uniquely placed to provide content marketers with an audience base whose preferences and content consuming patterns can be leveraged to for unique marketing opportunities. And with a reliance on big data and analytics, we wait to see newer developments Quintype has to offer in this space.

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Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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