How Snowflake And Salesforce’s New Phase Of Partnership Expands Data Analytics Features


Last year, Snowflake Computing had raised $479 million in Series G funding round with Salesforce as the co-lead investor. Snowflake recently expanded the partnership with new analytics features.

According to Snowflake, it shares many joint customers with Salesforce and Tableau, and the partnership will enable the company to create a better experience for the customers. “We want to make it easier to join your Salesforce data with your data in Snowflake, and use those new insights to power business decisions,” said Snowflake.

Recently, Snowflake launched the Data Cloud – an ecosystem where thousands of Snowflake customers, partners, data providers, and data service providers can help integrate data silos, derive insights, and create value from quickly expanding data sets in a secure, and seamless manner. For Snowflake, the rise of the Data Cloud coincides with the latest innovations from the company’s partnership with Salesforce.


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For Snowflake, the rise of the Data Cloud coincides with the latest updates from the company’s partnership with Salesforce. This means that users will be able to more easily, access their Salesforce data in Snowflake Data Cloud Platform and combine their Snowflake and Salesforce data to derive the deepest insights possible. This capability further increases what’s possible in the Data Cloud. 

Functioning as a virtual data lake, the platform can provide easy to search and analytical capacities across different cloud platforms, meaning users can securely access data and apps regardless of the platform. Alongside, users can perform different functions like running data queries, visualisation dashboards or building AI models each with their data warehouse. With Einstein and Tableau analytics capabilities on Snowflake, customers can benefit from the cloud-neutral nature of Snowflake. 

What Are The New Analytics Tools?

Already in open beta, customers of Einstein Analytics can now use a new feature: Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake. The cool thing about this is that instead of having to copy data from Snowflake into Einstein analytics, users can query Snowflake directly to get insights from live data. Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake allows Einstein Analytics’ users to query data within Snowflake, including Salesforce information and generated data from various sources: apps, mobile, Web, IoT devices and acquired data from the Snowflake Data Marketplace. This feature is currently in open beta and immediately available for any Einstein Analytics’ customer.

Snowflake also announced the Einstein Analytics Output Connector for Snowflake. Einstein Analytics Output Connector is a tool for Snowflake that enables customers to move Salesforce data into Snowflake seamlessly and query with Einstein Analytics and Tableau Software. Customers currently use a variety of technologies to import data from Salesforce into Snowflake. With simple configuration steps, users will be able to synchronize Salesforce data to Snowflake, and leverage Salesforce objects as well as curated Einstein Analytics data sets to augment their data workloads in Snowflake. The output connector will be available for users later this year.

The Advantages For Users

The native integrations between the two technologies will allow organisations to unify and analyse all data in Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and visualise it with business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Salesforce applications, to find new insights about their businesses and their customers. This will reduce data gaps, make insights available and actionable to all business users, and deliver more valuable data-driven user experiences. The features of Snowflake can be useful for companies that host their systems on one cloud platform such as AWS, whereas their data warehouse and data management functions are dispersed in various places.

Adam Selipsky- President and CEO of Tableau said, “Enabling more people to unlock the potential of data is at the core of the collaboration between Salesforce, Snowflake and Tableau, and it’s now even simpler for customers to access and analyse their critical data on the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.

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