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This inimitable Chatbot by Happiest Minds is performing tasks that is humanly impossible

With the ever increasing fancy towards technology, more and more companies are adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer better services to the clients. One such rising star of today’s tech world is “chatbots”, that is increasingly gaining popularity and relevance in most of the industries—be it banking, insurance and others.


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To get a deeper understanding of one such company—Happiest Minds and the deployments that it has in this area, Analytics India Magazine interacted with Abhisekh Kumar, who heads the mCaaS™ and Digital Query Assistant (DQA) a.k.a. Chatbot solution at Happiest Minds. A frontrunner in the genre of Next-Gen technologies, the company claims that this chatbot by Happiest Minds can serve up to 6 queries simultaneously—which is humanly impossible.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a strong business focus of Happiest Minds and we have efficaciously deployed our IPs and solutions at multiple client location based on these technologies”, says Abhisekh Kumar, who has 12+ years of IT industry experience especially in the areas of Enterprise Solution Architecting, Cloud Solution Architecting, Enterprise Application Integration and in Leading the Center of Excellence for GTM. He is currently responsible for the end to end enablement of Smart Enterprise Digital Transformation Platforms.

Unveiling the Digital Query Assistant by Happiest Minds-

Abhisekh Kumar, Head, mCaaS and Digital Query Assistant (DQA) at Happiest Minds

The company’s latest venture—chatbots or Digital Query Assistants powered by mCaaS platform, which was developed in a year’s time has been gaining a lot of traction in the industry, while witnessing many successful deployments at many client locations. “We believe AI and ML is the future of technology and chatbots are going to play the key role in evangelizing conversational commerce and omni-channel business”, notes Kumar.

Highlighting the capabilities that DQA can offer to its customer, Kumar notes that chatbot enables the customer to get most relevant, personalized and contextualized content delivered at their fingertips through a self-learning (cognitive) platform. “The solution allows you to find the most precise and contextual answers from multiple sources and languages”, adds Kumar.

Kumar says “Cognitive, elastic search, NLP boosted, graph intelligence, knowledge orchestration, personalized/ contextualized knowledge delivery, interactive end user knowledge consumption, bot to bot communication are some of the features of this purpose-built and context-specific chatbots.”

How Happiest Mind’s DQA stand out from others?

These chatbots have many unique offerings which Kumar lists as below:

  • Our Digital Query Assistant is distinctively positioned and enables Unique Convergence of Verticalized AI.
  • The chatbots are purpose built and prebaked for an enterprise. This accounts for the user intent, behavioral pattern and past transactions.
  • Every avatar of our chatbot is aligned with Business Function, Process or is Product Specific and built on a comprehensive knowledge and data lake, intrinsic to that business functions, processes or products.
  • The chatbot is also inimitable as it ingests Metadata extracted from the enterprise database and interactive knowledge defined by a knowledge boundary and not public domain.

Kumar notes “For one of India’s Leading protection & assistance platform company, the Digital Query Assistant led to end-customer satisfaction up by 37%, 40% reduction in resolution time, 60% reduction in summarization time, 10% more cross-sell up-sell opportunities”.

Multiple avatars of DQA by Happiest Minds-

  • As Banking Sales or Service Digital Assistant it acts as a customer facing Virtual Assistant that takes customer through the process or function seamlessly. The use of chatbot here brings valuable disruptions, such as the Personalized Credit Card Approval can now be facilitated in minutes as against days.
  • As a Super-Agent or a Call Center Virtual Assistant it transforms into a cognitive bot that assembles knowledge to provide single system of truth for instant call resolution. This can lead to significant increase in agent productivity and first-call resolutions and reduce agent on-boarding time by at-least 50%.
  • When taking up the role of an Airport or a Theme Park Virtual Steward, it becomes a Virtual Assistant for passengers or guests for Navigation, Planning, Sale, Event recommendation.
  • It can also transform as a Virtual Assistant to In-Moment Advisors for Retail Store Associate, Banking RM, Travel Guide.
  • As a Knowledge or Research Assistant for Financial Research Industry, the end users get a K-Bot which can answer their personalized queries on a research, instead of going through the entire report. Research analysts get a virtual assistant who help them create research reports on a topic.

Challenges in the overall adoption and functioning of these tech-driven solutions-

Kumar brings many crucial challenges that a tech driven solution faces in the initial days of its inception. He marks that there might be challenges in overhauling sales and marketing strategy, segmenting and targeting customers, addressing customer challenges, removing bugs, adding new features or functionality, providing maintenance & support, data security, data integration, data migration & data privacy issues etc.

“There are other sets of obstacles such as access/integration with customer’s large volume of data, relying on internet connection meaning that data are transferred to and from a SaaS firm at Internet speeds, rather than the potentially higher speeds of a firm’s internal network and customization of applications for large clients, inhibiting it from being used in all scenarios”, says Kumar.

The company is quick to overcome these obstacles as they have adopted various framework and niche technologies such as Micro services architecture, Cognitive Model, AI Framework, NLP and Fuzzy Driven Intelligent Search Engine, Intelligent Content Brokering and Real Time Enrichment. The company makes sure that they generate daily, weekly and monthly reports on progress & activity, constantly updates and checks with the customer to identify customer needs, focus on key performance indicators (KPIs).

“Making proper introductions to new team members and make smooth transitions from services oriented mentality to product development mentality is important”. We also make a list of security and compliance priorities and challenges, and start from prioritizing vulnerability testing to design and implement proactive security controls.”

On a concluding note-

Happiest Minds is constantly working on novel solutions to enhance customer experience and business efficiency. Apart from the DQA, their R&D team actively works on building new solutions to cater to the industry. Some of its other solutions such as Personalized Publishing/ Ads powered by mCaaS and Digital Customer Onboarding (dCOB™), are ensuring that various industries can leverage digital technologies offered by Happiest Minds.

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