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National Technology Day 2020: How Economy Is Rebooting Through Science, Tech & Research Translations

National Technology Day 2020: How Economy Is Rebooting Through Science, Tech & Research Translations

On the eve of National Technology Day 2020, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Department of Science and Technology (DST), and Technology Development Board (TDB) came together to discuss the paradigm shifts in technologies such as industry 4.0, AI, machine learning, big data, autonomous vehicles, end of Moore’s law, the advent of quantum computing, super-skilling to trans-skilling, among others. 

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Science & Technology, Earth Sciences and Health & Family Welfare, addressed the digital conference emphasised that the S&T response reflects the collaborative spirit of the entire S&T ecosystem. The conference also included various sessions concluded by prominent members including Dr V K Saraswat, principal scientific advisor to the government of India, Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan, chief scientist of WHO, H.E. Mr Vincenzo de Luca, ambassador of Italy to India, among others.  

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“In order to find solutions to combat this pandemic, the government of India, academia, researchers, scientists, startups, entrepreneurs as well as various industries have been working relentlessly,” said Vardhan. “We must appreciate the efforts of our scientists, entrepreneurs, including the institutions that are working hard to find quick and deployable solutions for Covid-19,” he added.

On the theme for the National Technology Day this year, Dr Harsh Vardhan pointed out, “We need to mitigate the widespread economic impact and prepare for a stronger recovery using self-reliance as the new mantra. Thus, we look towards new opportunities to galvanise growth in the technological and industrial sectors.”   

The Theme

The major objective of the aforesaid digital conference is to bring together global innovators, technology leaders, disruptive entrepreneurs, policymakers, industry stalwarts and eminent academicians to share their experiences and expertise to help turn the massive complexity into a meaningful change. During the talk, the speakers also stressed upon topics like the importance of manufacturing industries amid as well as after the pandemic.

S. K. Das, Director and Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar discussed the importance of teaching, learning and understanding amid the pandemic. He said that in this critical time, collaboration as well as cooperation, bring about the focus. Talking about the future of the education, he questioned what is beyond the regular education system and what about the rest of the talent pools that are being missed out.

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He further told that Tier I institutes such as IITs to have 8000-9000 students, and for the talented students who are left out must have some programs where the professionals and researchers can train them for creating a larger network of a talent pool to bring out industry 4.0. This can only be possible by the education system by outreaching to the students through open-source learning resources as well as extended online methods. 

Wrapping Up

The National Technology Day has a historical perspective as it was on May 11, 1998 — India accomplished a major technological breakthrough by successfully carrying out nuclear tests at Pokhran. The celebration of Technology Day symbolises India’s quest for scientific inquiry, technological innovations and creativity, and the integration of these developments into national socio-economic benefits and global presence.

Apart from the digital conference, “RE-START – Reboot the Economy through Science, Technology and Research Translations”, a virtual exposition has also been planned along with companies whose technologies have been supported by TDB. Various organisations and companies will be showcasing their products in the exposition through a digital B2B lounge. People from across the world can visit the stalls at the conference.

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