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Odisha Tourism Dept Uses AI, Analytics To Revamp Website

Odisha Tourism Dept Uses AI, Analytics To Revamp Website

odisha tourism

odisha tourism

In a big to give a push to its burgeoning tourism and attract more foreign tourists, the Odisha state tourism department has completely revamped their website. Their new portal works on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), comprehensive content management solution, that uses artificial intelligence and analytics to provide better services.

According to a report in a noted daily, Odisha tourism has combined their five websites to create a one-stop comprehensive portal for a complete customer experience.

Some of the advantages of AEM are:

  • Less disruption, more cloud scale and security.
  • Connect the dots with adaptable experiences.
  • Deliver just-right experiences with content intelligence.
  • Move faster with marketing and IT velocity.

A senior government official told the daily, “We have merged the websites as you cannot have multiple positioning for promoting tourism. Apart from tourism packages, the portal will offer transaction services to the tourists. Driven by intelligent analytics, the revamped website will offer a one-stop solution to the tourists.”

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The Odisha government in general has been using new tech to better manage things in the state. Earlier this month, the Odisha police had announced that they were deploying AI, data analytics and mobile computing to revamp analysis of their criminal data.

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