Online learning gets personal with Great Lakes personalized Business Analytics Certificate Program

To state the importance of data and analytics, it’s best to put it this way. It regularly features in the most wanted skillset and with the current IT landscape in a flux, upskilling with a business analytics course has become the safest way to stay relevant in the ever-evolving technology sector. But in the current environment, working professionals have to step away from their roles to dive deep into online analytics courses that lend value and professional development.

MOOC – classes for masses lack outcome

One of the most popular format of e-learning is MOOC platforms [Massive Open Online Courses], popularized by Coursera and edX, and have a sky high low completion rate and low engagement. MOOCs are self-paced and working professionals lack the motivation to reach the finish line. Even upon successful course completion/participation, there is no accredited diploma.

According to an OpenCred study, these [MOOC] certificates are intended to be more a “memento” than a credential. Another study on MOOC trends by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development cites one of the most distinct features of MOOC is that it fails to achieve better learning outcomes. For example, the absence of an instructor or other type of support in case of questions on course material is cited as one of the main reasons for students’ dropout.

Online course with a difference

Bearing this in mind, Great Learning, in association with Great Lakes Institute of Management, a top ranking B-school has launched Business Analytics Certificate Program, a personalized six-month online data analytics certification, custom built by a highly-experienced faculty and industry professionals. One of the most respected B-schools, Great Lakes analytics courses consistently rank in the top 10 by Analytics India Magazine.

To understand the USP of personalized analytics education better, AIM spoke to Arjun Nair, Director –  Learning Experience at Great Learning. “Our analytics programs have been consistently ranked #1 in the country over the last 3 years. These programs, including BACP, are delivered by our world-class faculty members, who are able to blend academic rigor with industry relevance. Years of research and development has gone into creating a highly impactful curriculum and supporting learning material that will enable you to master these topics and have a delightful learning experience,” Nair emphasized.

Is e-learning in tech age successful?

To build the workforce of the future, the training ecosystem has to be revamped. While most learning systems have transitioned to a hybrid model, training or simply put, retraining people requires a personalized, nuanced approach, cites the Pew report. Online training modules are self-paced and some learners may not have the interest to continue or complete the course.

MOOCs are peddled as nanodegrees and the course content is broken down into short segments. While the content is definitely fast-moving in this space, the micro-courses do not offer a premium learning experience, lack the rigour of assessments and the Certificate of Completions have been questioned for their credibility. A Babson Survey Research Group cites only 29.1 percent of academic leaders “accept the value and legitimacy of online education. In other words, MOOCs haven’t made much headway in adding to the talent pool.

Here’s how Great Lakes’s BACP is unlike a regular online course:

  • BACP is a career-oriented program that focuses on teaching business analytics with a deep impact through personalized mentorship from industry experts
  • The program features an exhaustive, in-depth framework and covers all critical aspects of business analytics in a structured learning framework
  • The course is helmed by world class faculty and industry experts and learners will get trained by India’s most celebrated academicians. In fact, two faculty members feature in AIM’s Top 10 Analytics Academicians in India 2017 list
  • The program features micro classes and personalized mentorship that provides an interactive setting and encourages more progress
  • The program takes a hands-on approach to teaching analytics and equips learners with business analytics and modelling skills using Microsoft Excel and R.
  • In addition to practical assignments, each module offers interaction with mentor and industry guest speakers.
  • The course is characterized by project driven learning that enables students  to learn how data is used to make business decisions

To shed more light on the six-month program, learners are divided into a cohort of five based on their years of work experience or the domain they come from. Personalized mentorship ensures no learner gets left behind and the program objectives are met. Some of the key highlights of BACP are that the course is delivered in a structured learning format, enables personalized learning and learners can build their employability profile under the guidance of a mentor. Moreover, it is a perfect blend of applied learning and analytics training and is geared at graduates, early or mid-career professionals who plan to advance up the job ladder.

Hard Facts

The course is divided into six modules and covers 150 hours of learning over a period of six months. The curriculum features some of the most widely used tools and techniques in the industry such as advanced statistics, R, Machine Learning and forecasting techniques.  The course is backed by six experiential learning projects that aim to strengthen analytical skills in various domains such as Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, HealthCare, Policy Analysis et al.

The idea is that students, working in teams of five, are encouraged to solve real-world data analytics cases under the guidance of a mentor. Concurrently, students can also apply their learnings in a different domain, thereby gaining cross-disciplinary business understanding.

Besides a great career support, (career enhancement sessions with industry experts, resume building exercise) students can also tap into Great Lakes alumni network spread across the globe and get insights on how to maximize learning and build a path-breaking career.

Another key takeaway from the program is that learners receive personalized education, led by reputed faculty members and can benefit from personalized mentorship that is definitely more impactful.


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Richa Bhatia
Richa Bhatia is a seasoned journalist with six-years experience in reportage and news coverage and has had stints at Times of India and The Indian Express. She is an avid reader, mum to a feisty two-year-old and loves writing about the next-gen technology that is shaping our world.

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