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plugin: An Online Conference On Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

plugin: An Online Conference On Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

plugin: An Online Conference On Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

‘plugin’ is the next generation biggest online conference for developers and leaders in the data science and machine learning space. This conference, which is to be held on 28th and 29th May, aims to bring the best brains together from all around the world to talk about cutting-edge innovations in a distinctive virtual setting.

plugin, hosted by Analytics India Magazine, has all the features of an in-person event but has been designed totally online to network with fellow attendees, meet companies virtually and learn from leading speakers. Attend plugin, for a two-day virtual event which will give attendees direct access to the brilliant minds of AI and data science ecosystem.

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In today’s era, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are becoming imperative for businesses to embrace as part of their digital transformation strategy. plugin is an online event where attendees will be able to learn from subject matter experts as they deep dive into business transformation and share tips that will bring your AI business plans to life. Apart from artificial intelligence, plugin will explore topics like cybersecurity and recommended engines, natural language processing, internet of things, computer vision, etc.

With plugin, you can dive deep into great thought leadership, tech talks and workshops by 50 plus speakers across three tracks — to explore key concepts, use cases, best practices to use AI and machine learning in your organisations.

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Why Join ‘plugin’ & Who Is It For?

At plugin, you can meet top analytics leaders and machine learning developers from around the world. Just like AIM’s in-person events, plugin will make sure that you get to hear from the best in the industry and have experience of a world-class conference from the comfort of your home.

All of the plugin speakers are experts from various industries who will be able to provide you with the insights you need now. The conference will provide live guidance from experts of your community, and help you build your skills with access to interactive, deep-dive sessions. It would also provide attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors with an opportunity to network in a one-to-one setting.  

See our full list of speakers and instructors here.

Key Features For Attendees

  • Live Q&A, along with live-streaming of the entire session remotely and on-demand
  • Easy interaction with other attendees and panellists
  • Uncover speaker profile and session details 
  • Attendees can set a reminder, favourite a session, and take notes on a session 
  • Attendees can ask questions, raise their hands and chat with the panellists and other attendees during a session
  • Easy match-making and networking with attendees, speakers, and panellists
  • Set up a meeting with your favourite speakers at available time slots
  • Use the chatroom feature to create impromptu meetings with sponsors and exhibitors
  • Participate in different contests hosted at the conference 

Key Features For Our Partners & Exhibitors

  • Partners’ and exhibitors’ profiles listings will be available at the conference
  • Brochures and documents will be available for download
  • Attendees can view partners’ and exhibitors’ website and social media links
  • Attendees can schedule meetings and chat with your representatives
  • Exhibitors’ products and services can be displayed with relevant details
  • Exhibitors can showcase their company and product videos via YouTube on their profile

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Event Details

Date: 28th & 29th May, 2020

Time: From 10:00 AM (IST) on 28th May 2020 to 11:00 PM (IST) on 29th May 2020

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Join plugin today to learn from industry experts sharing fresh and practical insights on artificial intelligence and data science! 

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