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Praxis Business School, now in Bangalore!

Praxis Business School, now in Bangalore!

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Praxis Business School, based out of Kolkata, is among the first business school to start a Business Analytics course in the country. They entered formal analytics education in 2011 with a 1 year Full Time Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics.

The course was very well received among the practitioners (we covered Praxis in our Top 10 Analytics Courses in India). Encouraged by the response, and to address the community of working professionals who are keen to equip themselves with the skills of a data scientist but are not in a position to take a career break, Praxis has launched intense week-end programs in Big Data & Business Analytics.

Praxis has set up a Centre for Executive Education – Praxis Academy in Bangalore to offer the weekend programs.

The Program emerged after feedback from Analytics industry practitioners, which revealed the absence of a durable talent pipeline.Students were either strong in maths/statistics (the analytics part) and weak in the grasp of business operations (the business part), or the other way around.The Praxis program,which has emerged after considerable discussion with industry practitioners,


blends inputs on the basics of business management with training in data analytics –thus preparing students for a successful career in this domain.

Praxis has collaborated intensely with ICICI Bank and PwC – these two corporate giants have provided knowledge support and guidance to make the program effective and relevant. The course is delivered by an exceptional faculty team with superior academic pedigree and relevant industry experience.


While most of the training in analytics in India is delivered either online or in hybrid (Online with class support) mode, Praxis offers its entire program in instructor-led classroom training mode. Praxis believes that Data Science is a complex domain and requires immersive learning. Quality of faculty and their cross functional expertise are as important enablers to learning as the curriculum itself.

Praxis thus focuses on offering its students a comprehensive analytics experience, a deep-dive that ensures far more coverage, rigor and hands-on lab-work than the average tool-based program(s) that promise an unreal short-cut to an analytics career.

“Praxis Business Analytics program is a great example of industry academia partnership to provide professional education in the area of business analytics. The curriculum is uniquely positioned to provide the skills needed to succeed in the world of business analytics.” Says Vyom Upadhyay, Head – Business Intelligence Unit & Joint GM, ICICI Bank

Praxis also offers an area of concentration in Business Analytics to the students of its 2 year Business Management program.

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The programs have received a lot of traction from the students and industry alike, with students finding exciting career opportunities in organizations like PwC, ICICI Bank, hp, Fidelity, Target, iCreate, Millward Brown, IBM, ValueLabs, IDC, Bridge i2i.

Praxis has partnered with global knowledge providers Wiley, to launch the Wrox Certified Big Data Analytics Program – Advanced Course (with Hadoop and Domain Analytics) in Kolkata and Bangalore. Like other Praxis programs, this program as well would be a 100% in-class face-to-face training program. The program combines Global Standard Content from content leader Wiley and the superior delivery by the celebrated Praxis Analytics Team.

Dr. Prithwis MukerjeeDr. Prithwis Mukerjee, Program Director for Business Analytics at Praxis sums up the Praxis Analytics story – “I believe that the influence of Analytics is only going to grow moving forward and India with its natural advantage in the capability to price ratio will become the analytics hub of the world. We thus need to prepare ourselves for this and the key to that is creating infrastructure to develop trained professionals. Praxis wishes to play a significant role in this endeavour”.


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