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10 most impressive Research Papers around Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence research advances are transforming technology as we know it. The AI research community…

The 10 Most Popular Analytics India Magazine Articles of 2016

In 2016, Analytics India Magazine visitors gravitated toward new trending technologies such as Artificial Itelligence, Blockchain,…

Our 10 most read articles in 2015

Now that 2015 is drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect. We are listing…

Why Is Hugging Face Special?

Hugging Face has become extremely popular due to its open source efforts, focus on AI ethics and easy to deploy tools

Why NVIDIA GTC 2021 Is a Must-Attend AI Conference

Why NVIDIA GTC 2021 Is a Must-Attend AI Conference

GTC brings together brilliant minds from across the globe, to showcase the latest developments in AI. With 500+ sessions including technical, business strategy and sessions designed to accelerate tech careers, this makes GTC the must-attend AI Conference of 2021.

Analytics India Magazine Launches AIM Leaders Council

Analytics India Magazine Launches AIM Leaders Council

Analytics India Magazine has launched the AIM Leaders Council, an invitation-only forum of senior executives…

‘Ferrari of the digital world’ – Adani’s Ambitious Project

‘Ferrari of the digital world’ is how Gautam Adani, industrialist and the chairman of the…

The Algorithm Made Me Do It

But on the other side of this scenario is the delivery boy racing on the pre-planned route by the algorithm, trying to make it in time to keep up his performance on the app.

Dr Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist, CoE AI/ML at Reliance Jio

Shailesh Kumar

Dr Shailesh Kumar has over twenty years of research, academic, entrepreneurship, and industrial experience in…

What Is Graph Analytics & Its Top Tools

Graph analytics, also known as Graph Algorithms, are analytic tools that are used to analyze relations and determine strength between the entities present in an organization such as products, customers and services, where these relationships are depicted in the form of a graph. 

Google Maps

How Can Graph Neural Networks Help Google Maps Make Better ETA Predictions

A paper titled “ETA Prediction with Graph Neural Networks in Google Maps” presents a graph neural network estimator for an estimated time of travel (ETA).


How The Bengaluru Based Healthcare Startup HealthPlix Is Leveraging AI and ML

Sandeep Gudibanda, Co-founder at HealthPlix, explains the technology behind its assistive artificial intelligence-powered EMR software.