This Bootstrapped Startup Is Using AI & ML-Powered Tools To Provide Unique Recruitment Solutions


The recruitment technology has witnessed numerous new developments in 2019 with terms like GDPR, Automation, AI and Blockchain becoming a part of public discourse. 2020 is likely to be even more revolutionary, with new developments in data analytics, and AI and machine learning, providing a favourable environment to transform the recruitment industry. 

With such a vision, Noida-based recruitment consulting firm called iXceed Solutions is utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions in the Indian market as well as internationally.


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Founded in July 2010 by two techies — Yogita Tulsiani and Pawan U, AI startup iXceed Solutions offers customised end to end recruitment solutions to the clients across the UK, rest of Europe, the US and the Indian market. The company uses an AI-based recruitment solution to develop solutions in the recruitment space. Currently, it has a 40% growth and with over USD 65,00,000 in revenue.

Flagship Products

Currently, iXceed Solutions has four major service lines and they are mentioned below

  • Recruitment Services: The company provides end to end recruitment services to its clients from sourcing relevant profiles to coordinating with the candidates to a successful closure of the role.
  • Staff Augmentation: For staff augmentation, the company experiences in staffing key skills like Digital Technologies, SAP, Front-End Technology stack or Infrastructure Technology. 
  • Virtual Employee: This is a collaborative workforce available for startup organisations or scale-ups that want the flexibility to build technology solutions quickly and at a reduced cost. 
  • Platform Development: The company works with the highest level of partnerships with product companies, application development firms to create solutions for the customers across all verticals.

Use of AI/ML

At iXceed Solutions, AI and ML techniques have been used in various ways such as automated candidate sourcing, AI-powered chatbots for interacting, with candidates, candidate rediscovery where the AI-powered software automatically searches previous applicants in the ATS and grades them. 

Other AI-powered applications are used for video interviews where it creates multiple data points on facial expressions, choice of words, and intonation to access the candidate. Job advertising where machine learning helps in automating the candidate sourcing process by sorting the resumes database to find those candidates who are the best fit for the open positions, candidate assessment and pre-selection where AI-driven tools candidate sourcing process by sorting the resumes database to find those candidates who are the best fit for the open positions.

Tech Stack

The core tech stack of iXceed solutions include Digital Skills such as PEGA, UI/UX, Sitecore, Adobe Enterprise Manager, full-stack development, SAP skills, Infrastructure Engineering such as DevOps, Iaas, PaaS, testing technologies like SDET, Big Data for BI/DW, data architecture, data governance, and cloud technologies through cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Hiring Phase

While asking for how the company tackles the talent crunch, Tulsiani replied that the company looks for good talent and not need-based hiring. Usually, the company looks for technical skills, recruitment aptitude, relevant exposure to clients.


iXceed Solutions is currently expanding in terms of clients, revenue, number of employees and offering set and by 2020, the company aims to be seen as an established and recognised force in the US as well as in the Middle East market.

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