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Top 10 Free Online Learning Resources For Hadoop

Where there is Big data, there is Hadoop. In this article, we list down 10 free online resources where you can get a clear vision about Hadoop and its ecosystem. If you want a good grasp on Apache Hadoop, these tutorials are perfect for you.

1| Introduction To Apache Hadoop By edX

Overview: This is an introductory course taught by Hadoop experts from the Linux Foundation’s ODPi collaborative project. This course is perfect for IT professionals seeking a high-level overview of Hadoop and those who want to find out if a Hadoop-driven big data strategy is the right solution to meet their data retention and analytics needs. Here, you will learn the basics of Hadoop and Big data ecosystem, how to deploy Hadoop in a clustered environment of a modern day enterprise IT, build data lake management architectures around Apache Hadoop, how to leverage the YARN framework to effectively enable analytical workloads on Hadoop clusters and other relevant topics.


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Click here to start learning the course.

2| Big Data Hadoop Tutorial By Guru99

Overview: This is a tutorial for the beginners and one can learn about Apache Hadoop in just seven days. This online guide will help you to understand the basics off Big Data, Hadoop, its ecosystem, architecture, components, etc. You will also gain insights on MapReduce, HDFS architecture, Hadoop MapReduce Join & Counterexamples, Apache Sqoop, Flume, Pig, OOzie, etc. At the end of the tutorial, you will also find some QQ&A on Hadoop and MapReduce.

Click here to start learning the tutorial.

3| Big Data And Analytics By IBM

Overview: This Hadoop tutorial course initiative by IBM covers the working definition of Big Data along with some examples. You will gain insights into Big data, Hadoop and its components, how does it integrate with IBM DB2, working examples on Sqoop, Hive, and Pig and other relevant topics.

Click here to start learning the course.

4| Introduction To Hadoop And MapReduce By Cloudera

Overview: This online course is provided by Cloudera University with Udacity which covers the fundamentals of Hadoop — from understanding the BiG data to developing MapReduce on the data in HDFS. The duration of this course is one month and is best suited to anyone who wants to work directly with Big data, Hadoop and MapReduce where you will learn to develop open source for reliable, scalable and distributed computing.

Click here to start learning the course.

5| Hadoop Fundamentals By Cognitive Class

Overview: This free learning path by covers Hadoop conceptual design, how to use the application and then manipulate data without the using of complex coding. There are 4 courses in this tutorial and they are Hadoop 101 where you will learn Hadoop and its components, Hadoop’s method of distributed processing, etc., MapReduce and YARN where you will understand YARN by gaining exposure to MapReduce1, Moving data into Hadoop includes emphasis on Sqoop and Flume, Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive includes writing MapReduce programs to analyse Big data, how to use Apache Hive, etc. These courses cover a duration of 4-5 hours to complete each course.

Click here to start learning the course.

6| Apache Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners Video By Edureka

Overview: This Edureka tutorial will help you to understand the problem with the traditional system while processing Big Data and how Hadoop solves it. This tutorial will provide you with a comprehensive idea about HDFS and YARN along with their architecture that has been explained in a very simple manner using examples and practical demonstration. In the end, you will get to know how to analyze the Olympic data set using Hadoop and gain useful insights.

Click here to watch the tutorial.

7| Hadoop – Just the Basics for Big Data Rookies Video By SpringDeveloper

Overview: This video session provides a complete introduction to all the major aspects of the Hadoop ecosystem of projects and tools. You will learn the basics of Big data and Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, YARN, along with a broad overview of the Hadoop ecosystem including Hive, Pig, HBase, Zookeeper and more.

Click here to watch the video.

8| Hadoop Tutorial By Tutorials Point

Overview: This tutorial provides a quick introduction to Big data, Hadoop, HDFS, etc. You will learn the basics of Big Data analytics using Hadoop framework, how to set up the environment, an overview of Hadoop Distributed File System and its operations, command reference, MapReduce, Streaming and other relevant topics.

Click here to start learning the tutorial.

9| Hadoop Tutorial By Intellipaat

Overview: This tutorial covers an overview of Big data and its solutions. You will gain insights on Hadoop and how to install it, HDFS and its operations, multi-node cluster, streaming, Apache Pig, Hive, Zookeeper, and Hue. You will also get some cheat sheets on Hive, Pig Basics, and its Built-in functions, etc.

Click here to start learning the tutorial.

10| Introducing Apache Hadoop By Stanford University (PDF and Video)

Overview: The tutorial covers a brief introduction of Apache Hadoop and explains why it is the data operating system of the future. Here, you will learn how the modern data OS works and understand the limitations of existing data analytics architecture, HDFS, MapReduce and its architecture, and other relevant topics.

Click here to download the pdf.

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