Top 3 data labelling companies from India set to conquer 2022

These are third-party outsourcing providers with a team of experts trained to work specifically on the data labelling and annotation tasks.
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It has already been more than two years into the global pandemic, and it would be wrong to say that the world is not changing. With the increasing demand for perpetual technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and image processing, correct data labelling has come into the limelight.

It is vital to tag the data points using different tools and services. Data labelling adds context to your dataset before presenting it to your model. After you have prepared your dataset and labelled the data points accurately, you can trust your model to give you a decent amount of accuracy.

But, if you explore this field of data labelling in-depth, you will see many challenges. However, some labelling experts and specialist companies can tag all the images in your datasets in detail. These are third-party outsourcing providers with a team of experts trained to work specifically on the data labelling and annotation tasks. They can provide you with your desired results within your desired timeline and planned budget.

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This blog post will discuss India’s top three Data Labelling and MLOps companies, which are expected to give game-changing trends this year and are all set to conquer the data labelling industry.

Note: Here is an article that explains “Why India Is A Hotspot For Data Labelling Services?“. I recommend reading this blog as it is very well documented and presented. Also, it will help you decide which country you need to keep on your list when deciding to outsource your data labelling work.



Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Specialities: language services, data annotation, languages, interpretation, annotation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Science, and Data labelling

About: Zuru is a data annotation start-up that deals with big enterprise clients like Sprinklr, UST, TCS, Mahindra, Hyundai etc. They excel in annotations for chatbots, conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence), retail, finance, insurance and have clients from across the globe, including the USA, Europe, Australia, and India. With over 20 million annotations in 45+ languages, ZURU deals with 12 industry verticals. They also provide complex data collection operations at scale with ease using human data collectors on the field across 25 locations globally with their unique crowd-on-the-cloud model. ZURU has also partnered with companies in the cloud computing and MLOps sector and supplies managed services to support the BPM processes of various small start-ups.

2. Shaip


Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India

Specialities: data annotation, collection, de-identification, transcription, NLP, conversational ai, computer vision

About: Shaip is a start-up and an innovator in the structured AI data solutions category. They deliver end-to-end AI solutions by creating, licensing, and transforming unstructured data into highly correct and customized training data. Their goal is to organize medical data to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Their medical data catalogue includes 5M+ records and physical audio files in 31 specialities, 2M+ medical images in radiology and other specialities like MRIs, CTs, USGS and XRs. Shaip has also annotated speech data for 20K+ hours of audio in 40 languages and 100+ dialects. They also provide open datasets through the Shaip library, with the help of which you can quickly and accurately develop your AI and ML (Machine Learning) models.

3. TaskMonk


Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Specialities: Training Data, Data Annotation, Data Labeling, Deep Learning, NLP, Transcription, Vernacular, AI, Outsourcing, Digitization, Machine Learning, e-Commerce, Retail, Retail AI, Ground Truth Data, Computer Vision, Audio Annotation, Video Annotation, No-Code Platform, Workflow, and Quality Control

About: Taskmonk is a purpose-built eCommerce multifunctional collaborative labelling platform that delivers 4.5M tasks per month to about 500 retail companies. With their no-code workflow designed for AI-assisted task allocations, they give you intelligent tools to help you boost efficiency and obtain better label data 3x faster. Taskmonk helps eCommerce teams to boost conversion rates, personalize customer experiences, deploy chatbots in multiple languages and much more. To date, Taskmonk has successfully created 52M+ labels with 4500+ users on their platform. They have also designed Taskmonk API to integrate their services smoothly with your existing technologies.

Final Thoughts

With the rapid increase in AI and ML applications, data is often discussed as the future of this technological world. If used, it can affect the success of your business.

As we step into 2022 with another pandemic wave, there is a growing sense of possibility that it will be hard for many companies to deal with the enormous amounts of data their software or applications are generating daily.

Outsourcing your data annotation work to the most successful and established companies can play a hand in creating correct annotations.

Mrinal Walia
Mrinal Walia is a professional Python Developer with a Bachelors's degree in computer science specializing in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. In addition to this, Mrinal is also a freelance blogger, author, and geek with four years of experience in his work.

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