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Top 5 Startups Which Are Working & Innovating With The Indian Government

Top 5 Startups Which Are Working & Innovating With The Indian Government

Ambika Choudhury

With intelligent machines and large amounts of data available, artificial intelligence is disrupting the way businesses are conducted all across the globe. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, NITI Aayog established the National Program on AI and the Central Government and has teamed up with startups to provide the advantages of emerging technologies.

In this article, we list down 5 startups that are working in the Government sphere.

1| Dataval Analytics

DataVal Analytics Inc, a Bengaluru and Chicago-based AI startup was founded by veterans from the Indian Army – Lt Col Shashi Kiran and Lt Col Naveen Xavier. In 2015, the company reportedly became the first in the world to successfully complete a 20-part challenge in AI with 100% accuracy hosted by Facebook AI Research (FAIR) which was created to promote the goal of automatic text understanding and reasoning where none of the companies had achieved a 100 percent accuracy in the benchmark test except this company. It has created an natural language processing algorithm which helps the machine to understand the natural language.  Currently, the startup is deploying a variety of solution for Municipal Corporations and Smart Cities which comprises:

  1. IoT sensors to measure Air Quality Index
  2. Working on Hindi language translation to various other languages
  3. Crop quality analysis 

2| Innefu Labs

Innefu Labs is a New Delhi-based information security and R&D startup founded in 2011 by Tarun Wig and Abhishek Sharma. This AI-driven company works on big data analytics, video and image analytics, and authentication security. The client base of the company includes government institutions and intelligence agencies such as DRDO, Border Security Force (BSF) and CRPF. The lab solutions include Prophecy, which is an AI-driven framework specifically tailored for Predictive Intelligence and Predictive Policing, Vision which is a video and image analytics solution that provides alerts to the analyst on the identification of a known criminal, identification of weapons, unclaimed bags etc., and AuthShield, a unified Authentication platform which integrated Facial and Thumbprint Biometrics with standard 2FA solutions including Push notifications, OTP’s, SMS and Email OTP’s etc. 

3| ChironX.AI

Founded in 2017 by Sombodhi Ghosh, Mausumi Acharyya and Rito Maitra, ChironX is an AI startup which works in detecting diseases from large populations of medical images. The auto-diagnostic software comprised of complex AI and machine learning algorithms helps in detecting retinal abnormality detections and acute respiratory infections. The startup had teamed up with several hospitals including camps in rural Karnataka and suburbs of Kolkata. Currently, the startup has teamed up with the Maharashtra Government to enable the AI technology in Nandurbar and Wardha.

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4| Grobomac

Green Robot Machinery Private Limited is a farm robotics company focusing on machines which assist humans in improving their productivity and minimise the drudgery in farm operations. In order to reduce human labour, Manohar Sambandam, who is a semiconductor techie came up with this farm robotics machine. The company had bootstrapped with grants from the Government of India for developing smart machines for harvesting cotton and horticulture crops like eggplant, okra, and capsicum. The smart machines works with technologies like 3D machine vision and Robotics to automate some of the tasks done by humans.

5| SatSure

SatSure is a data-analytics startup founded by four ISRO engineers with “a mission to evolve crop insurance products and provide an accurate risk assessment of crop yield by integrating climatic variables with geospatial and economic datasets.” The core part of this company is comprised of space-based sensors, proprietary machine learning algorithms, and a big data platform. Last year, the company tied up with the government of Andhra Pradesh to provide the data to build a reliable credit-rating system for farmers

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