Try Out These 5 New Crazy Features on Adobe Firefly

Currently, in beta testing, Adobe Firefly allows users to access its generative AI-based editing models through a waitlist.
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This week, Adobe killed all generative AI design startups, including the likes of DALL.E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, in one swift move with Firefly. Currently, in beta testing, Adobe Firefly allows users to access its generative AI-based editing models through a waitlist. The objective is to enable efficient and unrestricted expression of creative ideas by leveraging the power of generative AI. 

Firefly addresses concerns surrounding copyright by training the models on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and public domain material. Notably, Firefly incorporates metadata to indicate the extent to which the artwork is AI-generated, addressing the concerns of the creators.

Adobe plans to integrate Firefly across various applications, including Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Express, empowering users to harness generative AI capabilities. Nonetheless, the potential impact and reception of Firefly in an already crowded market remain the subject of ongoing discussion.

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If you are starting out, here are some of the features Firefly promises to provide. 

Transform interactive 3D elements into stunning images

Firefly is looking to integrate 3D capabilities and accomplish extraordinary feats in the realm of 3D. This includes transforming basic 3D compositions into photorealistic images and facilitating the rapid creation of fresh styles and variations for 3D objects. We envision Firefly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in 3D design and rendering.

Remove Tool

Generative Fill simplifies the process of removing objects from photos while preserving the photo’s aesthetic appeal. With a simple brushing action, you can effortlessly eliminate unwanted elements, maintaining the beauty of the image. This feature is part of Generative Fill, which offers a non-destructive approach to editing images, allowing you to extend, or remove content with remarkable realism and speed. Experience the enchantment of this tool as it seamlessly integrates with your image’s perspective, lighting, and style, resulting in stunning and delightful outcomes that will leave you amazed.

Generate detailed images from text

Generative Fill, a remarkable set of AI-driven features enables you to effortlessly transform text prompts into stunning artwork in a matter of seconds. This innovative tool empowers you to add, expand, elements within images or even generate entirely new visuals with ease.

Instant creative building blocks

Adobe envisions incorporating the capability to generate custom vectors, brushes, and textures from minimal input, such as a few words or a sketch, into Firefly. Additionally, they plan to enable users to edit the generated content using familiar and favourite tools. This expansion aims to provide instant creative building blocks for illustration, artwork, and graphic design.

Social media/ marketing

Firefly, Adobe’s generative AI-based editing model, aims to revolutionise content creation for marketing and social media purposes. Users will be able to effortlessly generate distinctive posters, banners, social media posts, and more from a simple text prompt. Additionally, Firefly intends to enable the generation of original and customisable content based on uploaded mood boards. This feature has the potential to compete with established poster-making platforms such as Canva, offering users a powerful and unique content creation experience.

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Shyam Nandan Upadhyay
Shyam is a tech journalist with expertise in policy and politics, and exhibits a fervent interest in scrutinising the convergence of AI and analytics in society. In his leisure time, he indulges in anime binges and mountain hikes.

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