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Walmart Labs To Hire 2,800 In India In 2020

Walmart Labs To Hire 2,800 In India In 2020

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While businesses are freezing or laying off employees due to the economic downturn, Walmart Labs is ramping-up to hire 2,800 more job seekers in India this year. The company wrote “Come what may, at Walmart, we always keep moving” on LinkedIn. Unlike others, Walmart Labs is doubling down on its initiative to revolutionise retail operations during the crisis by leveraging the latest technologies. Earlier this year, the firm leased a 250,000 sqft facility in Chennai to further expand its footprints in India.

Founded in 2008, the company has offices in Bengaluru and Gurgaon, and with the new Chennai office, the firm requires a workforce who can assist in accomplishing its business goals. However, of the 2,800 new hirees, only 800 will work in Chennai, and the other 2000 are for the Bengaluru office. Walmart Labs has further plans to increase its headcount to 2,000 in Chennai in the next two years. 

Walmart is currently witnessing a surge in its stock prices as people are looking for online orders for essentials items during social distancing. It allows online orders in 11 countries and caters to over 260 million customers visiting 11,698 stores across 28 countries. Irrespective of the platform shoppers choose, Walmart Labs strives to personalise the experience of its customers. The idea is to transform the future of shopping across the world with data-driven solutions. For this, the firm is hiring a wide range of IT professionals, including data scientists and data engineers in 2020. 

Along with its overseas employees, the Indian team of Walmart Labs have been working in collaboration to develop supply chain, merchant and customer technology. For one, NextDay delivery and Optima are revolutionising the way people shop with minimal stress. 

Walmart Labs is further poised to bring innovative solutions not only in retail but also in manufacturing, real estate, and more, through its enterprise solutions like Enterprise CIO and analytics platforms.

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