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Want A Fulfilling Career in Data Science? Check out Manipal’s Full-time PG Diploma Delivered With Industry Collaboration

Want A Fulfilling Career in Data Science? Check out Manipal’s Full-time PG Diploma Delivered With Industry Collaboration

With data science becoming a buzzword and a ladder to a successful career, educational institutes are rushing to bridge the talent gap. However, in an interdisciplinary field like data science, a theory-based course cannot do much for your career unless you get an opportunity to build a portfolio of projects which will help you show something concrete to prospective employers. Now, accelerated online programs may ramp up your skills, but they lack an industry connect. This disconnect is strongly felt in online programs, since the learner only walks away with the credentials. Industry partnerships can lead to active job opportunities and help build a professional network, which will be helpful in landing a job. Also, an internship should be an important component of the program as it provides real-world experience and often leads to a full-time job opportunity.

Manipal’s Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science, a full time, 9-month residential program, that is highly collaborative in nature can be summed up as a program that focuses on applied learning. It offers a structured program with a two-month non-residential internship to learners, so that they can gain practical experience in the data science field. The collaborative nature of this full-time program sets it apart from the competition.This program is offered in collaboration with tech giants Genpact and Experian.

There are four ways you can enter the data science field and Manipal’s PG Diploma in Data Science ticks all the boxes:

  1.  Internships: Manipal offers a two-month non-residential internship which can lead to a full-time opportunity
  2.  Portfolio of Projects: Through the program, you can build a portfolio around key projects such as conversational chatbots, handwritten digit recognition, credit card fraud detection as a classification problem, data mining approach for predicting future sales, etc
  3.  Industry Connect: The program is offered in partnership with Genpact and Experian
  4. Alumni Network: Manipal’s alumni are placed in companies such as Deloitte, Future Group, Infosys, Genpact, Litmus World, Fractal Analytics and Mu Sigma, among others

Learn From Industry’s Leading Experts

A key defining feature of Manipal’s Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science is the robust industry collaboration with experts from Genpact, Tata IQ, Deakin, Cisco, Gramener, TCS, Wells Fargo and Impact Analytics, among other IT bellwethers who explain the concepts at the heart of data science. They also talk about how to add to skill sets, and most importantly how to kick-start the data science journey. From guiding on how to tackle complex data science problems to selecting the right technique for a real-world analytics challenge, industry experts share insights on an array of data science topics.

Besides the in-depth coursework, the network developed among the learners and industry experts with Manipal’s PG Diploma in Data Science proves to be extremely valuable when it comes to hunting for new roles and getting an insight into starting the data science journey. Rohit Singh, a student of Class 2017 who got hired in Ruby Pixels after finishing his PG Diploma in Data Science says, “The program is designed with keeping in mind interest of both freshers and working professional. The right balance of theory, practical and hackathons makes the students industry ready” According to Meghashree Shridharanother student from Class of 2017 says, “Manipal helped us change our career paths by bringing so many companies for campus recruitment. This course has given us a wide variety subject exposure which will definitely help each one of us in our career.”

The Manipal Advantage

1) In-depth, Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The course curriculum is divided into three semesters.

  • The first term covers the foundational topics like statistical techniques for data science, database management systems, programming and exploratory data analysis
  • The second semester tackles topics like machine learning, big data technologies and data visualisation
  • In the final semester, you can pick up techniques in advanced machine learning, advanced big data technologies and choose a domain-focused elective of your choice— banking or marketing analytics
  • You can further choose from these two electives — unstructured data analysis or linear programming and optimization

2) Credits Recognised By Global Universities: One of the key advantages of pursuing a PG program from an esteemed university like Manipal is that 40 credits received are recognised by global universities in case a student wishes to pursue a Master’s degree abroad.

3) Bridge Course for Supplementary Training: Manipal University offers bridge course for freshers who lack a prior experience and even working professionals to bring them up to speed with foundational prerequisite needed for the program. There is a preparatory course on Java Programming and Advanced Excel to bridge the knowledge gap. There is also supplementary online training provided in Python with Data Science.

4) Successful Placement Record: Manipal program boasts of a successful placement record with 57 percent of students placed in the first phase of placement stage in 2018. The highest pay package was around 9.32 lakh with an average package around 6.8 lakh. Some of the top companies hiring from Manipal are Infosys, Deloitte, AXA, Maxval, IIFL and Litmus World, among others.

Hard Facts

  • Format: Full-time, residential course
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Prerequisite: B.E/B.Tech/BCA/B-Pharm Graduates and/or ME/M.Tech/MCA/M-Pharm. Science and commerce graduates also accepted. Minimum 50 percent marks or equivalent in qualifying examination

Admissions are open. Click here to apply

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