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The 10 Most Popular Analytics India Magazine Articles of 2016

The 10 Most Popular Analytics India Magazine Articles of 2016

Bhasker Gupta

In 2016, Analytics India Magazine visitors gravitated toward new trending technologies such as Artificial Itelligence, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. They also showed significant interest in articles related to analytics careers, salaries and education. But the most popular new article by far was about a timeless topic: analytics companies and startups in India.


1.    10 Emerging Analytics Startups in India to watch for in 2016

Here are 10 fighters for the year 2016 who have not only shown tremendous growth but also hold huge potential for their future.

2.    10 Analytics firms in India you wish you worked for – 2016

We bring to you the list of 10 companies that makes it to the most desirable analytics firm you wish you worked for! The list has been chartered after a thorough research conducted in the analytics community and lists 10 most popular and talked about analytics providers from India.

3.    10 startups that are changing the face of Virtual Reality in India

We approached virtual reality startups in India and came up with 10 start-ups that are changing the way humans interact with computers and enriching the real world with an unrealistic approach towards videos, sound, graphics and more.

4.    Top 10 Data Scientists in India – 2016

List of leading data scientist in the country.


5.    10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders in India – 2016

Here is the list of Top 10 Influencers in the Indian Analytics Industry.


6.    Analytics India Salary Study 2016 – by AnalytixLabs & Analytics India Magazine

An initiative by Analytics India Magazine in partnership with AnalytixLabs, the focus of this study is to compare the salary trends amongst professionals, specializing in different skills and tools, while also providing an overview of the analytics salary in key Indian metropolitan cities as well as companies and across various experience levels.

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7.    Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India – Ranking 2016

As part of the annual ranking process, Analytics India Magazine, brings all the aspiring Data Scientists this year’s ‘Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India’. AIM has been conducting this ranking for four years now and has successfully provided insights into the analytics education world.

8.    10 Startups in India that are leading the race of Artificial Intelligence

Analytics India Magazine presents you a list of ‘Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Start-ups’ and how each one of them is positioned differently catering to a niche area of artificial intelligence.


9. Top 10 Analytics Courses in India – Ranking 2016

After 2 long months of in-depth and rigorous study, Analytics India Magazine is out with its annual ranking for ‘Top 10 Analytics Courses in India’. This being the fourth in the row, AIM has always been positively supporting its aspiring data scientists by providing them insights into the world of analytics education.


10. 10 TED Talks on Analytics that you don’t want to miss!

We decided to bring some of the best TED Talks (old & new, organized according to views and popularity) in which Analytics was the core topic of discussion. You will see how people from different domains have integrated analytics in their work!

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