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Kelley School of Business ties up with IIM-Lucknow‎ for Analytics programmes

Kelley School of Business ties up with IIM-Lucknow‎ for Analytics programmes

Bhasker Gupta

Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business has announced a partnership with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow to deliver programmes in the growing field of business analytics.

Kelley’s first foray into India will result in two graduate-level, year-long certificate programmes with spots for about 100 students, the Bloomington, Indiana-based university announced.

One programme will be for students enrolled at IIM Lucknow and the other will be open to working professionals in India. Ultimately, the two schools plan to deliver a graduate degree programme in business analytics.

Kelley already offers an MBA in Business Analytics at its Bloomington campus, where a new Institute for Business Analytics was launched in February.

The emerging field of business analytics involves the use of data to guide decision-making. It typically includes large quantities of data on past performance and the use of tools such as predictive analytics and simulations to run what-if scenarios.

The goal is to improve productivity, increase profits, and create and exploit an organization’s competitive advantage.

Three Kelley faculty of Indian descent helped to create the new Institute for Business Analytics — co-director Vijay Khatri, associate professor of information systems, Ash Soni, associate dean of information technology, professor of operations and decision technologies, and Munirpallam A. Venkataramanan, associate dean for academic programmes.

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“The Kelley School is on the cutting edge in the rapidly growing field of business analytics. Likewise, the Indian Institute of Management at Lucknow is widely recognized as being among the finest business schools in India and, indeed, the world,” said Dan Smith, dean of the Kelley School.

“Information systems and business analytics is a very strong area at Kelley,” said Devi Singh, director of IIM Lucknow.

“Their experience in developing programmes successfully, particularly working closely with American and multinational companies — which have operations around the world, including in India — is impressive,” he said.

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