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5 Companies That Are Redefining Education In AI & Data Science Field

With the advancement in the technology sector, most of the companies look for employees who have knowledge beyond books and classrooms. To upskill employees and aspirants, reputed companies are now offering courses which give practical experience with enhanced infrastructure and exposure. In this article, we list five such programmes and courses


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Google Launchpad

(Enterprise-focused course )

Google has initiated a global innovative programme named Launchpad which helps startups build and scale great products by coordinating them with the best of Google — its people, network, and advanced technologies.

It offers a six-month acceleration programme and elite community which includes mentorship, equity-free support, and access to Silicon Valley experts. Interested people can also participate in local accelerators connected to local markets. The programme is focused on a complete coordinated product that pairs top machine learning startups and experts from Silicon Valley and around the globe. The company hosts a variety of event models throughout the year for developers and startups.

Facebook Research: The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Residency Program

(Academic course)

Facebook offers a  one-year research training position composed to give aspirants hands-on experience with machine learning research while working in Facebook AI groups.

The programme aims aspirants to join with an AI Researcher and Engineer who will both guide their project. As a team, candidates will pick a research problem of mutual interest and then design new deep learning techniques to solve the problem. facebook also encourages partnership beyond the designated instructors. The research candidates are to communicate with the academic community by submitting papers to top academic venues (for example NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR, ICCV, ACL, EMNLP etc.), as well as open-source code releases.

The AI Residency event is designed to prepare aspirants for graduate programs in machine learning or to kickstart a career in the field. This is a full-time programme that cannot be undertaken in conjunction with a university study or a full-time job. Facebook looks for applicants with a strong technical background and is passionate about AI research. The company looks for people with diverse backgrounds, including areas such as math, physics, finance, economics, linguistics, computational social science, and bioinformatics.

Microsoft Professional Program (AI)

(Microsoft offers an online course for professionals in the field of AI)

Each course lasts for three months and starts at the beginning of a quarter. January — March, April — June, July — September, and October — December. The capstone courses last for four weeks at the beginning of each quarter: January, April, July, October. Courses can be exercised during any course run and in any order. When many course options are listed for a skill, only one must be completed to satisfy the requirements for graduation. The course demands technical and scientific knowledge of subjects that are very essential for mastering these advanced technologies. The various chapters of this course include an introduction to AI, Python for data science, essential maths for AI, ethics and law in data science and analytics, data science essentials, building machine learning models, building deep learning models, building reinforcement learning models, developing applied AI solutions.

AWS Programs for Research and Education(Amazon Web Services)

(Academic course)

Amazon believes that Students, educators, and researchers are key drivers of technological innovation. AWS offers two programs to enable customers to introduce their research or teaching endeavours to the cloud and innovate quickly and at a lower cost.

AWS Cloud Credits for Research

The AWS Cloud Accounts for Research programme (formerly AWS Research Grants) supporting researchers who seek to Build cloud-hosted publicly accessible science-as-a-service applications, software, or tools to promote their future research and the research of their community. The company Performs proof of concept or benchmark tests evaluating the effectiveness of moving research workloads or open data sets to the cloud. The programme enables tp Train a broader community on the use of a cloud for research workloads via workshops or tutorials.

AWS Educate

AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative platform to present students and educators with the resources needed to considerably stimulate cloud-related learning endeavours and to support and boost the entrepreneurs, workforce, and researchers of tomorrow.

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI)

(Developer focused)

NVIDIA’s DLI gives hands-on training in AI and accelerated computing to resolve real-world problems. Designed for developers, data scientists, and researchers, DLI content is accessible in three formats:

  1. Online courses
  2. Online electives
  3. Instructor-led workshops

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