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5 Most Popular AI-Powered Personal Finance Apps

5 Most Popular AI-Powered Personal Finance Apps

Over the years, the mobile app industry has seen a massive rise — from music to playing poker to trading to even switching on the lights of your bedroom, today there is a mobile app for every single purpose.

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Even though many mobile app developers are leaning towards the financial sector — personal finance management and proactive money management were left untouched. However, today, the mobile app industry has entered this space with applications that use technology like artificial intelligence to help you better in managing personal finance.

In this article, we list five such AI-powered mobile apps that deliver personalised money-saving experience.

(The list is in alphabetical order)

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Not basically a mobile app, but Cleo is an AI-powered Messenger-based financial assistant that helps users in managing their finances. It also lets its users link their bank accounts and send money to Facebook Messenger contacts.

The user can also set a limit of his/her spare change on Cleo and the assistant will put that amount aside as your savings. That is not all, one can even ask Cleo questions such as whether you have the budget to buy a particular product or whether you can afford a coffee — the assistant will take a dive into the graphs and data-driven insights and would answer your queries.

One of the quirkiest things about this AI-powered financial assistant is the fact that it eve roasts its users when they don’t stick to a routine.

Eva Money

Created by Fintel labs, Eva Money is a personalized financial assistant mobile app available for iOS and Android. The app uses artificial intelligence and is also Voice/Chat-enabled. It answers questions related to your personal finances using conversational intelligence and improves overall financial wellness.

Further, you can also link all your bank accounts with the Eva Money app and get a complete snapshot of your current financial standing (At present, Eva only supports US banks). That is not all, it can even recommend the best ways to maximize cashback, how to save money, how to improve credit score, and so on. 


Started in 201, MintZip is an AI-powered fintech app that delivers end-to-end financial solutions. The MintZip app is also equipped with its flagship product ‘Misa’ which is an AI-based financial companion and is powered by Conversational AI. According to the company, Misa is the world’s most powerful financial chatbot. 

Talking about how this AI financial chatbot works, it takes in account things like behavioural sciences and financial sciences, and it is continuously training on financial knowledge to deliver the tailored response based on the users specific financial situation.  

Whether you want to automate savings, invest, or even make payments, MintZip is definitely that app for you.

Created in 2015 by two Silicon Valley ​​entrepreneur, Cristiano Oliveira and former professional motocross pilot Lucas de Moraes, Olivia is a free financial assistant app that uses artificial intelligence and behavioural economics. Basically, this app finds patterns in how someone typically spends its money. And then uses those patterns to create strategies that help users spend less on the same things, freeing up money.

Further, Olivia also comes up with challenges for its users based on where they need the most help.  And these challenges are created in such a way that it helps the user change its habits and take better control of its finances over time.

At present, Olivia is only available on iOS and only in the US and Brazil.


Wizely is another AI-powered money-saving app that allows its users to save little by little, offering the choice of Flexi and Savings Plan. It also claims to be India’s first digital piggybank app. 

Some of the benefits of Wizely:

  • unlimited referral
  • pre-booking of desired purchases
  •  up to 15% additional earnings on Wizely savings on redemption
  • the choice to withdraw money savings anytime and anywhere without deductions

AI and ML are at the core of Wizely. Its AI and ML algorithms help the platform to deliver an adaptive learning approach to make it much more convenient for users to save.

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