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5 Open Source Conferences You Should Not Miss Out In 2019

5 Open Source Conferences You Should Not Miss Out In 2019

With all the advancements happening in the technology landscape, Open Source has gained ground with tech giants releasing open source tools and building new business models around it. The days are almost gone when companies used to buy closed-source, proprietary, off-the-shelf software solutions. Today, even the big players of the industry are adopting and integrating open source technologies with millions of dollars being plowed into open source software investments.

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IT professionals and developers working with open source tools who want to know more about this technology can stay up-to-date with these 5 leading Open Source conferences going to be held in India in 2019.

See The 5 Best Open Source Conferences That You Should Attend In 2019:


Red Hat, the leading industry provider of open-source software and operating systems every year organises DevConf Contributor Conference for developers and contributors to meet and discuss future development of upstream projects.

This year in India, Red Hat is organizing the second annual Developers’ Conference (DevConf.IN) to provide a platform to the local FOSS community participants to come together and engage in the knowledge sharing through technical talks, workshops, panel discussions, hackathon etc.

So, if you are an IT professional or someone who is interested in the latest trends in open source and emerging digital technologies, you should consider attending this event.

How to register: The event is free. All you have to do is register online. The date and venue have not been decided yet, however, you can subscribe for updates on the official website.

GopherConIndia 2019

Developed by some of the brilliant minds at Google and many contributors from the open source community, GopherCon is an open source project that makes it easy for developers to build simple, reliable and efficient software.

Powered by GO-JEK, an Indonesia-based tech startup specialises in ride-hailing and logistic, GopherConIndia is a two-day conference with amazing speakers from the developer community. It is the fifth conference in India and is focused to spark creativity and promote Go education. Apart from the talks, there are other events too that will help attendees to build a connection with other players from the Go space.

Date & Venue: The conference is going to be held at Park Regis, Goa on 18th  and 19th Jan 2019.

If you love Open Source and belong to the developer community, then this is one of those conferences in 2019 that you shouldn’t miss. And also, if you think you are someone who can speak and share some knowledge then send your proposal here. The team wanted proposals before 30th Nov 2018, however, there is nothing wrong giving it a try. Visit here for registration details.

Open Source Summit

Formerly known as LinuxAsia, Open Source India (OSI) was first organised in 2003, and has since then has become a popular event in the Open Source industry. Last year, with over 70 remarkable speakers from various top companies, the conference was a grand success and also had a breaking attendance of over 2000 supporters and practitioners from India and around the world.

This year, OSI is going to be held on 17-18 Oct 2019 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru, India. The conference is focused on accelerating development and deployment of Open Source in India. Also, it puts light on what’s new and exciting in open source languages, tools, and techniques; all under one roof!

Benefits of attending this conference: Speakers are going to share their knowledge, workshops to experience tools and techniques, and get a chance to connect with other brilliant minds from the industry.

Registration and fees: It is not yet decided. So, it advised that you stay tuned with Open Source India’s official website.

See Also

PGConf India, 2019

Open Source community in India has taken a great momentum and different players from different branches have taken initiatives to make people aware of Open Source. PGConf India is one those Open Source conferences that anyone from the PostgreSQL community shouldn’t miss. 

With an aim to grow PostgreSQL community in India by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate training and resources, PGConf India is going to cover a wide range of topics including talks to internals discussions.

Date and Venue: The event is going to be held on 13th to 15th February 2019 at Marriott Hotel, Whitefield, Bengaluru, India.

For tickets and other information, visit PGConf India official website.

Data Platform Summit (DPS) 2019

Data Platform Summit 2019 is an international 3-day learning event which also includes 3 days of pre-conference training. The event is held annually and is focused on Microsoft Data Platform and Open Source. Also, it is the only conference in Asia where Microsoft Data Group Team Members and experts from over 15 nations fly all the way to Bengaluru, India and share their knowledge.

Date and Venue: This year’s DPS is the 5th edition and is going to be held on 22nd, 23rd, and 24th August 2019 at Hotel Radisson Blu (Formerly Park Plaza), 90/4, Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru. Talking about the pre-conference training, the dates are 19th, 20th and 21st August 2019.

Interested people can go to DPS’ official website and pre-register for the launch discount.

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