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6 Ideals of an Analytics Job Seeker

6 Ideals of an Analytics Job Seeker

Analytics is getting to my nerves….. quite literally. without further-a-do… I’m back with my next blog on Analytics Hiring -From a Candidate perspective.

Analytics as an Industry is growing bigtime, almost every Tom , Dick & Harry ( I have no idea who these people are), want to get into Analytics and make a career here. after the IT Boom, I guess its time for the “Analytics Boom”

I speak to over a dozen people every day through emails, calls and even tweets. these people ask one question  – ” Any job openings into Analytics?? Please let me know “. While you might be one of those people who want to get into this River(Called Analytics) filled with numbers,Intelligence ,Tools, decisions, Read on… This may help you get into an Analytics Company atleast to the later part of the interview rounds.

The below facts form the Nomenclature of an Ideal Analytics Candidate

1. Qualification – If you are an 18-20 year old, stuck between a college course and a Career decision, Analytics is not all about just data, it needs a lot of Logic, ability to understand data(remember the green coding from ” The Matrix”) , Although Engineers and Post Grads in Stats stream do well in Analytics roles, It is essential to have a number driven mind and a keen eye to solve business problems apart from an Educational degree. So choose wisely.

2. Skill  – Well i did say above that qualification hardly matters, But knowing a tool like for example SAS,R or Hadoop would certainly help your CV get attractive and make the recruiter take a second look at it, from those endless list of applications (trust me …. Endless means endless), Even a certification on Advanced excel helps if you are just looking at a basic Analytics role.

3. Personality – Nah.. you are not applying to be an Air hostess/Steward. But it is important to have impeccable communication skills, You are most likely to be speaking to a foreigner and help them understand the analysis that you have done, hence it is very important to have Decent to Good Communication skills and to be dressed in a presentable attire(atleast during interviews/Client meets)

4. Problem-Solving – We are not talking about your personal problems, The interviewer is most likely to give you a business problem(Read Case Study) to familiarize you with the sort of work that you will most likely encounter, Hence you must be able to Comprehend – Think – And give out a likely solution that’ll impress the interviewer. Simple tip – be Simplistic in your approach and your solution, so don’t go over-board and write a rocket launch equation ( Not sure if this exists BTW)

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5. Visibility – Yes, You must be visible to Recruiters like myself ( I feel proud of my profession, Just saying), Having a neatly done linkedin Profile or/and being on facebook/Twitter would help, If your passion is about Analytics then write blogs, talk about it and show us what you’ve got.

6. Salary Expectations – I know, we are all going to work to earn money. But you cant dream about buying a flat and Ferrari with your first Salary, Start with a decent expectation -Trust the company on this and go with the flow, Most companies have similar pay packages for entry to mid-level roles and for mid-leadership roles it purely depends on how Analytics heavy you are and the projects you have handled(Read value added) & to some extent the companies that you have worked for

Do-Whatever-And-Get-Away-With-it badge – The above opinion is purely personal and certainly not intended to hurt any individual, Kindly ignore if this offends you in any ways

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