9 Must Apply Summer Internship Programs for 2024

Here’s a list of tech companies from NVIDIA to Salesforce offering internships for the summer of 2024

If you are a techie pursuing a master’s degree, this one is for you. Since several leading tech companies are offering internships, we decided to curated a list of opportunities that you wouldn’t want to miss.

These internship roles are apt for those on the verge of completing their studies. They provide a chance to step into the tech industry and learn firsthand. From big AI companies to retail leaders, these companies are welcoming new talent.

The options are limited so don’t miss out. Here’s the compiled list of nine companies offering tech internships for summer 2024. 


NVIDIA, a leader in AI and hardware, is on the lookout for software engineering interns for their BLAS and Linear Algebra teams which are a key part of high-performance computing and deep learning software stacks. 

The interns will prototype and develop numerical algorithms for high-performance math libraries in the areas of dense and sparse linear algebra for single-node and multi-GPU clusters. Their role includes analyzing the performance of GPU or CPU implementations and understanding software use cases and requirements. 

Check out the role here.


The search giant has released its MS Software Engineering Internship for Summer 2024 located in the Playa Vista, CA campus. The candidates should be currently attending a degree program in the US and available to work full-time for 12 weeks outside of university term time.

The interns will be involved in tasks like developing scripts for automating routine tasks and choosing the best solution to problems based on information analysis. 

Interested candidates can check out the application here


Tesla, the Elon Musk-run AI company, is looking for more than 120 summer interns, spanning from vehicle software roles to mechanical engineering. Given Musk’s lack of enthusiasm towards working from home, these jobs are available at different offices across the state. 

For graduates looking to be a part of the electric vehicle industry, this is your golden ticket. 

Check out the roles here.


Salesforce is looking for interns interested in responsible AI and tech. Be a part of a company committed to ethical tech practices and responsible AI development. The interns will work with several teams to conduct ethical reviews of net-new features to spot where there might be unintended negative consequences in a roadmap specification or mockup. They will also deliver recommendations for how negative consequences might be mitigated. 

The role also requires research and making recommendations for what should be included and the creation of a standardized template or a model card/system card generator (tool).

Check out the role here

Lowe’s Companies, Inc

Lowe’s is on the hunt for interns in a variety of areas, including information retrieval, semantic product search, conversational systems, recommender systems and personalisation, computer vision, and generative AI. 

So whether you’re into language processing or computer vision, check out these roles here


Software giant Atlassian has announced its Data Science Internship for Summer 2024. The program has opened its doors to interns, with seven roles up for grabs. Be it research, software engineering, or site reliability engineering, Atlassian has something for everyone.

Check out Atlassian’s internships here

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has got you covered for tech internships. This American retail giant offers various opportunities for 2024 including data science and supply chain roles.

The role surrounds skills like model analysis, data source identification and so on. During the 11-week program, interns will work directly with leadership teams across the enterprise. 

Check out the internships here


A*STAR’s lead scientist is offering a unique internship opportunity in quantum computing. He is looking for two interns, preferably Masters or PhD students with prior experience in quantum computing, to collaborate on projects related to quantum error correction.

Interested and eligible candidates can check out the LinkedIn post for more details

eBay Tech

eBay, the global commerce leader, is on the lookout for interns in various technical and non-technical roles. Whether you’re an applied researcher, data scientist, or software engineer in the US, eBay has a spot for you.

Check out the roles here

Tasmia Ansari
Tasmia is a tech journalist at AIM, looking to bring a fresh perspective to emerging technologies and trends in data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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