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Adobe Applies Real-Time Layered Approach To Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe Applies Real-Time Layered Approach To Customer Journey Analytics



Tech giant Adobe this week showcased how it was tweaking its new Adobe Customer Journey Analytics solution in a way that is easy to use. Announced recently, Adobe’s new product helps businesses and brands access layers of multi-channel customer data to be curated and stacked to reveal new perspectives into how customers interact with a brand.

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Reportedly, the new capability in Adobe Analytics uses the Adobe Experience Platform, which can piece together customer data from across the enterprise, and opens up new ways to understand insights across online, offline, and third-party channels. “The customer journey is a progressive stream of digital and off-line experiences that are unique to each individual. An integrated marketing platform allows you to create a journey filled with relevant and meaningful personal experiences across channels, devices and geographies,” said Adobe.

It also has features like:

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  • A unified customer view shared across teams
  • Better understanding of key touchpoints
  • Identification of conversion pathways
  • Team alignment to a customer-centric focus

Adobe said that by combining the strengths of the integrated solutions in Adobe Experience Cloud, the user can seamlessly guide a customer journey that is rewarding, delightful, consistent and personalised across the entire experience lifecycle.

Nate Smith, group manager for product marketing for Adobe Analytics, told a noted tech porta, “When you think about organisations that are trying to do omnichannel analysis or trying to get that next channel of data in, they now have the platform to do that, where the data can come in and we standardise it on an academic model.”

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