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AIM Announces Machine Learning Developer Summit To Bring Data Science And ML Practitioners Together

AIM Announces Machine Learning Developer Summit To Bring Data Science And ML Practitioners Together

In an effort to bring the data science and machine learning developer community together, Analytics India Magazine is launching Machine Learning Developers Summit 2019 (MLDS19), a 2-day conference that will give attendees direct access top ML innovators from leading tech companies across the country.

To be held from January 30 to 31, 2019 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru, MLDS will invigorate ML innovators and practitioners to share ideas and experiences about machine learning tools and advanced developments in the sphere. It will enable attendees to have a first look at the new trends and developer products in the space.

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What Will It Offer?

An exclusive hub for ML researchers and data scientists, MLDS is a gold standard for India’s data science and machine learning ecosystem that would give intensive exposure to ML tools and frameworks, new projects, provide a platform to discuss hardware & software challenges of building complex ML systems, explore right tools, platforms, languages, and more.

It will bring together 50 speakers with 50+ focused sessions and workshops across 3 tracks, with 20 hours of learning and about 50 presentations spanning the two days. It is speculated to host 800+ attendees, giving them a direct access to top ML innovators from leading tech companies. It will offer an exclusive platform to talk about the software architecture of ML systems, how to produce and deploy the latest ML frameworks and solutions for business use cases.

Why Should You Attend It?

  • It is the first-of-its-kind conference to cover both the technical and business aspect of emergent technology, i.e machine learning.
  • With ML playing an expanded role in enterprises, attendees can learn how machine learning can add potential to their business and gain best practices from cutting-edge presentations.
  • Developers and data scientists can take home applicable skills about the latest ML technology and gain networking opportunities with leading companies.
  • It is well suited for both developers and C-suite executives.
  • It would offer an exclusive opportunity to network and build lasting connections with prominent machine learning researchers.
  • It would also allow to test drive and explore the latest machine learning technology and tools hands-on

MLDS is brought to you by Analytics India Magazine, that corniches technological progress in the space of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science & big data. Analytics India Magazine is also the organiser of Cypher, India’s largest analytics summit, The Machine Conference and AIMinds.

Join the 2019 edition of MLDS for cutting-edge machine learning content that will squarely put you ahead of the pack.

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Where: NIMHANS Convention Center, Bengaluru, India

When: 30-31 January 2019 (Wednesday-Thursday)

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