Best NLP-based SEO Tools For 2021

NLP for Search Engine Optimisation

One key area that has witnessed a massive revolution with natural language processing (NLP) is the search engine optimisation. We all remember Google releasing the BERT algorithm, two years back, in October 2019, claiming to help Google Search better understand one in 10 searches in English. Cut to 2021 — NLP has now become more important than ever to optimise content for better search results. 

Especially in a time, when content marketing is playing a key in business growth, readers and audience demand high-quality content. And therefore, NLP-based SEO tools can be of great help for businesses to analyse their text, play with keywords and produce great content for their website.

In this article, we are going to list down the top eight NLP-based SEO tools that one can check out for 2021.

This list is in no particular order.

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Google NLP

Google’s NLP API offers a web-based interface where the users can paste a text and receive an insightful text analysis using natural language and machine learning. It combines natural language with speech-to-text API for extracting insights from the text. If the text is up to the mark, then the system shows a high salience score; otherwise, it reviews your writing, based on many criteria, including SEO keywords. Not only it reveals the exact information in the text but also understands its social media sentiment and customer conversations. Google NLP API offers the same deep learning technology that powers Google search engine, and therefore this tool will help businesses create effective content for Google.

Key Features:

  • Comes with entity and sentiment analysis to understand the overall text.
  • Identify content categories that apply to a block of text.
  • Empowers developers to easily apply natural language understanding (NLU) to their applications.

Check out the tool here.


Twinword Ideas is a smart AI and NLP-based keyword tool that has been designed for SEO and pay-per-click marketing. The SEO tool also has the ability to group keywords by user intent, popular topics and patterns. Further, Twinword API provides natural language processing APIs to build tools and applications that analyse and understand the natural human text. Not only the NLP-based SEO tool helps users save the time of going through a list of keywords, but also helps in discovering new ideas and concepts on popular ideas picked by artificial intelligence. Twinword Ideas helps the users target the best keyword based on its score and utilise the suggested titles to produce great content. It also makes decisions on accurate keyword data like search volume, organic or paid competition etc.

Key Features:

  • Saves time by picking up the right keywords for the content and group it accordingly.
  • Make decisions based on accurate keyword data.
  • The NLP identifies user intent and relevance score and picks popular topics for users.

Check out the tool here.


A content-optimisation tool, SEOScout leverages NLP to find the right keywords for business websites. It also claims to spy on competitor businesses’ to find their top keywords and dig deep into the search results using the topic research suite. The natural language processing analyses the top 30 results for the keywords presented and scores them according to their popularity for businesses to plan rush and comprehensive content. Further, it also comes with an SEO editor for optimising the gap in the content for better depth and readability. The tool also provides a free NLP-powered topic research report for a particular keyword presented to it.

Key Features:

  • Discover profitable keywords using natural language understanding.
  • NLP-based topic research report for keywords.
  • Ability to edit content using an AI-based assistant to ensure its exclusivity.

Check out the tool here.

Can I Rank

Claims to be the industry’s first SEO intelligence tool, Can I Rank collects data and metrics from other SEO services and couples it with machine learning and natural language processing to deliver actionable insights and personal recommendations. Its keyword research tool uncovers untapped niches, identifies profitable content topics and organise website structure targeting the valuable keyword variations. The integration of machine learning models generates personalised keyword recommendations and compares the same with the competitors in the market. It also generates hundreds of secondary keyword variations for users to target.

Key Features:

  • It offers an analysis based on data, not opinions.
  • Accurate diagnosis of the website’s needs to fix the SEO problems.
  • Leverages NLP and machine learning to personalise recommendations for websites.

Check out the tool here.

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BrightEdge claims to be the first and only SEO solution that gives businesses real-time research, recommendations, and ranking to create a better SEO for websites. Along with revealing the intent behind each search queries, the NLP-based platform exposes competitors for each content topic and performs real-time monitoring of content performance. The platform also leverages machine learning and the power of AI to come up with most-relevant topics and keywords to work on. Further, its ability to provide on-demand data empowers users to ask specific questions and receive data-driven answers at ease.

Key Features:

  • Real-time topic research powered by machine learning.
  • Seamless navigation of keywords.
  • Provides SEO at the speed of Google, in real-time.

Check out the tool here.


Using the power of AI and NLP, Frase helps users create content aligned with user intent and compatible with Google’s search. The platform also comes with an AI chatbot that uses the website content to automatically answer visitors questions. Claiming to be a one-stop platform, Frase researches, creates and optimises SEO in order to drive revenue for the business. The natural language understanding automatically provides an intelligence outline for every topic. Further, it engages visitors using a trained AI model and gives full control to the business leaders to manipulate the training data.

Key Features:

  • Automatically generates a content brief from a keyword.
  • Uses NLP and AI to dramatically increase the breadth of your content in real-time.
  • Comes with detailed guidelines on the tone of voice and style of the article along with SEO recommendations.

Check out the tool here.

Market Brew

Market Brew is an NLP-based SEO platform that allows users to analyse their website behaviour and provides predictive analytics for creating better website architecture. With its search engine modelling, users can check the ranking factors of Google or any other search engines and check the reason for its selection over others. The platform further leverages artificial intelligence to simulate all the website changes and provide the most ROI-optimal options. With the Market Brew platform, users can make a change on their website and test the results within a fraction of time.

Key Features:

  • Professional on-site training for your SEO team.
  • The model is self-calibrating and highly correlated to the targeted search engine environment.
  • Reduced 60-days wait for search engines to crawl every other site to 1.5 hours with market Brew.

Check out the tool here.

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