Deep Dive: What Makes Abzooba the Go-To AI Service Provider?



AI has seen explosive growth over the years, well-substantiated by various statistics. Gartner’s 2019 CIO survey shows enterprise AI implementation across 89 countries surging by 270% in 2015-2019 and tripling in 2018 itself! McKinsey predicts AI and ML’s potential to create $4.6T by 2020 in marketing, sales, manufacturing and supply chain planning while IDC foresees worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems reaching $77.6B in 2022.  

Abzooba is an end-to-end AI solution provider which combines the power of their flagship framework with a decade of experience. Abzooba partners with enterprises towards a successful AI transformation journey.


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In this edition of Deep Dive, Analytics India spoke to Joydeep Chatterjee, AVP, Abzooba who discussed what sets Abzooba apart.

Why Abzooba: What Sets Abzooba Apart?

“Since 2016, we’ve doubled our revenues every year,” said Joydeep. This echoes findings from Accenture TechVision Survey that AI is the key for businesses to stay relevant.


Abzooba’s rise as the go-to AI service provider from its inception as an analytics provider (also the Startup of the Year 2014 – Product Development award recipient from Silicon India) has been phenomenal. Witnessing a YoY growth of 100% since 2017, Abzooba has stood out and upheld the trust of its worldwide marquee customers (CMMI-5 and Fortune 500 companies) from BFSI, FMCG, retail and healthcare. 

Abzooba has also been invited to numerous global conferences and meets, and won the prestigious Great Learning Data Science award (Cypher-2019 conference). Abzooba featured regularly in Analytics India magazine (on a top ten list) and on The Centre for Internet and Society, India report. Recently, Abzooba also becomes the official AI partner of IIT Bombay Tech Fest, 2019 – Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival.

 “If its AI, it’s Abzooba. They exceeded our expectations dramatically – from their attitude to their knowledge, Abzooba has been a revelation” — Rob Edwards, Anthem, US Healthcare Insurance

Nurturing Talent: Focus of Abzooba’s Roadmap

Abzooba believes that its people are its key capital. An approach that draws from a combination of humans and machines will almost always be substantially better than the most intelligent human or the most sophisticated algorithm. With this in mind and has been at the forefront of the AI revolution, Abzooba has partnered with IITs, IIMs, ISIs and the best technology schools in India to incubate the best-fit talent. 

In a dynamic world of AI, keeping pace with the latest academic research is one of the key drivers to success.  In the words of Abzooba’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Arnab Bose, “While we become more people-centric (both within the organization and while understanding human needs that require solutions), we also translate our knowledge from our exposure to clients, conferences, meets and events through an extensive 360° training enabled by our L&D department.” 

“The training encompasses all aspects important to business including technology, delivery methodologies and best practices, organizational behaviour, among others. We have a dedicated training academy — Abzooba Innovation Academy (AIA) to nurture our talent pool and future leaders,” added Joydeep. 

How We Do It: Accelerating the Cognitive Journey of Enterprises, Abzooba’s homegrown AI lifecycle management software is an Integrated Development, Deployment and Management Environment (IDDME) and a key enabler for data scientists looking to develop, deploy and monitor AI projects with high flexibility and ease. 

The above is achieved through a common, high-availability environment that includes the best-in-class infrastructure, open-source tools, libraries, packages and automated processes in line with the industry best-practices.

“Our business model is based on developing and deploying enterprise AI applications at a fraction of the cost charged for similar engagements by other organizations and within timelines that are much shorter than the industry standard. In our approach, we help organizations attain self-reliance, sustainability and choice of the best-fit solution and business enablers,” said Joydeep.

“Abzooba’s contribution in Sprint Engagement on Hadoop, Unix, Shell Script, Hive and Oozie are fantastic.” — Arijit Sarkar, Ericsson

Abzooba’s AI partnership with enterprises comprises three parts. The first part begins with a robust data intake and elaborate analysis to formulate the problem statement.  The second part includes applying an engineering mindset combined with subject matter expertise to identify enablers required for AI initiatives to be successful at the enterprise-scale and prepare cognitive models. In the last part, the cognitive models are deployed, managed and monitored in production at an enterprise scale. Throughout the project lifecycle, Abzooba uses accelerators to systematically deliver AI transformations at an enterprise scale. So what would have typically taken months to deliver can be developed and deployed in weeks. Coupled with a strong monitoring system this translates into robust AI solutions delivery to satisfied customers.

“This gives us a significant competitive advantage over our competition. There are very few companies which offer a truly enterprise-grade AI Lifecycle Management platform – provides a complete IDDME (Integrated Development Deployment and Management Environment) and this is our unique differentiator,” said Joydeep.

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Vishal Chawla
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