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Google Announces New AutoML Vision Edge & AutoML Video Upgrades

Google Announces New AutoML Vision Edge & AutoML Video Upgrades



Whether businesses are using machine learning to perform predictive maintenance or create better retail shopping experiences, machine learning has the power to unlock value across a myriad of use cases. Now this week, Google introduced a number of enhancements to their Vision AI portfolio to help even more customers take advantage of artificial intelligence.

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One of the biggest enhancements is the fact that AutoML Vision Edge now detects objects. It can now perform object detection as well as image classification—all directly on the edge device. Object detection is critical for use cases such as identifying pieces of an outfit in a shopping app, detecting defects on a fast-moving conveyor belt, or assessing inventory on a retail shelf. AutoML Vision Edge models are optimized to a small memory footprint and offer low latency while delivering high accuracy. AutoML Vision Edge supports a variety of hardware devices that use NVIDIA, ARM, or other chipsets, as well as Android and iOS operating systems.



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Google has also brought object detection to AutoML Video, enabling it to track the movement of multiple objects between frames. This is an important component of a broad range of applications such as traffic management, sports analytics, robotic navigation, and more. Their Video Intelligence API can now recognise logos, too. It basically used to offer pre-trained machine learning models that automatically recognise a vast number of objects, scenes, and actions in stored and streaming video. Now, the Video Intelligence API can also detect, track and recognize logos of popular businesses and organizations. With the ability to recognize over 100,000 logos, the Video Intelligence Logo Recognition feature is ideal for brand safety, ad placement, and sports sponsorship use cases.

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