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How Raspberry Pi Has Become The Preferred Platform For Deploying A Broad Range Of IoT Applications

How Raspberry Pi Has Become The Preferred Platform For Deploying A Broad Range Of IoT Applications

A small chip of Raspberry Pi invented to just teach school students of basic computer and electronics applications has plenty of potential in the space of IoT as well. Here are some of the applications of the chip in various sectors used in India.

Building The Internet of Things With The Raspberry Pi

Smart Water Management:

A research by the REVA Institute of Technology and Management had used Raspberry Pi and Arduino to come up with an IoT-based water supply monitoring and controlling system.

Another research using Raspberry Pi was based on a system that performs water quality monitoring and regulates water supply operation. It also came up with parameters like pH, conductivity sensor, flow sensor, temperature sensor and LDR module. The project involved calculating the water purity and sending an alert message to the authorized person by using the IoT.

Weather Monitoring System:

With Raspberry Pi, an electronic device that uses DHT (Digital Humidity and Temperature) sensor can be developed to detect humidity differences in the environment. Raspberry Pi gets to act as a microcontroller in such a device.

The objective of this IoT project is to develop an electronic device that uses the DHT sensor to detect temperature/humidity differences in the environment. It is an IoT application in which Raspberry Pi acts as the microcontroller and gets the temperature data from DHT sensor for processing and facilitate the data transfer to the cloud for storage and analysis through wifi communication.

Street Light System:

IoT and Raspberry Pi can help develop an electronic device that can facilitate automatic switching ON/OFF of street lights based on the sunlight intensity. The Raspberry Pi will be integrated with a LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) that can track the sun light intensity in real time. The system then needs to be programmed to automatically switch ON/OFF the street lights whenever the sun light intensity crosses a certain value.

With this system, a user from any part of the world can track the data online about the electricity usage of street lights, sun light intensity variations etc. Raspberry Pi then facilitates the data transfer real time to the cloud platform through wifi communication.


A research done on IoT Based Agriculture Monitoring and Smart Irrigation System Using

Raspberry Pi had an IoT is a shared network of objects and one of the important

applications of IOT is smart agriculture. Smart Agriculture reduces wastage of water, fertilizers and increases the crop yield. Here a system is proposed to monitor crop-field using sensors for soil moisture, humidity and temperature. By monitoring these parameters the irrigation system can be automated if soil moisture is low. Another set of researchers had used arduino and Raspberry Pi as a main control head labview simulation for automatic irrigation and nutrient supplement system SMTP and API usage to upload and access the data Web Camera integrated with motion based technology which takes five snaps when motion is detected due to change in pixel rate live field monitoring through web server.

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