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IIT Hyderabad Collaborates With NVIDIA To Establish AI Research Centre

IIT Hyderabad Collaborates With NVIDIA To Establish AI Research Centre

NVIDIA AI Technology Centre (NVAITC)

On Thursday, NVIDIA in association with IIT Hyderabad unveiled a technology centre — NVIDIA AI Technology Centre (NVAITC) — to accelerate research and commercial adoption in artificial intelligence. Although the research centre can be used for a wide range of AI research, it will primarily focus on advancing technologies in agriculture, smart cities, and language understanding.

“As an IIT with a strong fundamental and technological research focus, the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad is very happy to join NVIDIA’s NVAITC program. This combination of NVIDIA’s leading-edge technology for AI Compute and some of the finest minds in the country from IIT Hyderabad will bring synergy to help find solutions to uniquely Indian challenges, be it enhancing crop yield or safer cities. This will build on the strong AI capabilities IIT Hyderabad has built, including the country’s first B.Tech in AI program,” said Prof. B.S. Murty, IIT Hyderabad Director.

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IIT Hyderabad already has an NVIDIA DGX-1TM and NVIDIA DGX-2TM server to empower faculty members and students to solve complex AI challenges. IIT Hyderabad by further deepening its ties with NVIDIA, demonstrates that it is committed to innovating in the field of AI. And NVIDIA is becoming one of the enablers for AI researcher as it has also teamed up with the Government of Telangana to assist in its initiative of becoming the top 25 global AI innovation hubs.

The institute has been at the forefront of understanding the importance of education and research in AI. On 10 June, IIT Hyderabad, along with BARC, Mumbai, introduced AI-based low-cost COVID-19 detection kit that can detect the virus within 20 minutes.

Speaking about [the] collaboration [with IITH], Mr Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director for NVIDIA South Asia, said, “NVIDIA is powering the AI revolution across research facilities everywhere. Our collaboration with IIT Hyderabad will accelerate AI research and help create innovative solutions to real-world challenges.”

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