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Imarticus Learning Collaborates with Genpact to provide leading Analytics talent

Imarticus Learning Collaborates with Genpact to provide leading Analytics talent


Genpact, a global leader in designing, transforming and running business process operations, has collaborated with Imarticus Learning as a knowledge partner to help fill the skill-gap that currently exists in the space of Data Analytics.

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The sheer amount of data that exists today and is growing multifold, is giving companies a huge opportunity to turn this data into valuable insights.  The Analytics industry has grown in double digits in the last decade and the future is even brighter. In India, particularly, the big data analytics sector is expected to witness eight-fold growth to reach $16 billion by 2025 from the current level of $2 billion, making India one of the top three markets in Analytics globally.

However, the key problem is the lack of people with the right analytics skills. It is estimated that demand for data scientists will exceed supply by more than 50 percent by 2018. To address this issue and support growth, it is critical to provide skill development in Analytics to the Indian youth.

Imarticus Learning, an award winning Analytics training academy, aims to do just that. Imarticus has partnered with Genpact as a knowledge partner, and launched a ‘Data Scientist Nanodegree’ that provides Analytics aspirants with a methodical understanding of leading analytical tools such as Hadoop, Python, R and SAS through industry case studies and project work.

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“We are very excited about this partnership which furthers our vision of constantly working with Industry to empower the aspirations of your youth. Our Nanodegrees are co-created with leading firms globally and these industry partnerships offer many benefits to corporates and students alike.”, says Nikhil Barshikar, Managing Director of Imarticus Learning

As one of the largest analytics providers worldwide, with 14+ years of experience, 1000+ domain experts and over 15000+ research and analytics reports published,  Genpact’s participation as a knowledge partner will provide the expertise and guidance to ensure that this program is industry relevant and job ready, and prepares aspirants adequately to excel in the dynamic world of Analytics.

The ‘Data Scientist Nanodegree’ is the perfect example of industry and academia coming together to bridge the widening skillgap. “Big data and analytics are altering the business landscape in which we operate. In attempting to meet the subsequent talent challenges, the Nanodegree program is a notable step towards building specialized skillsets and helping professionals gear up for the future”,” said Sidhartha Shishoo, Vice President and People Function leader, Analytics and Research, Genpact

The ‘Data Scientist Nanodegree’ was launched at the [email protected] conference in South Bengaluru on September 22, 2016. Over 120 HR, L&D and business professionals from over 50 leading organizations in the finance, banking, analytics and academia arena were present at the event including representatives from firms like HSBC, ANZ Bank, Societe Generale,  ICICI Bank, IBM and more.


About the Program

The program will begin its first batch in the month of October, 2016. The Data Scientist nanodegree is made up two modules : Foundation (70 hours), and Project Work (150 Hours). In the foundation level, students get a detailed understanding of Statistics and tool readiness (R, Python, SAS, HIVE, SPARK). Through project work, the students will get hands-on with industry projects and build a portfolio of demonstrable work.

The course costs Rs. 55,000, delivered completely online and can be completed in 3 months.  Interested candidates may reach out to for more details about this program.

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