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India & Israel firms now collaborate on AI

India & Israel firms now collaborate on AI

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India-Israel talk brings back an AI deal: Bangalore based Telrad Tech ties up with Zebra Medical Vision over artificial intelligence

The historic visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel has got the two countries talking over various important issues—military ties, medical devices, technology, agriculture, water systems to name a few. Both Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu who bonded well on the pretext of sharing same culture and values, are looking forward to give the commercial ties deeper roots.

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Treating our technology quest amidst the various deals is the pact signed between the two nations, under which two leading firms from the both the countries have tied up over artificial intelligence. Telrad Tech, an affiliate of Bangalore based company Teleradiology Solutions and Zebra Medical Vision, an Israel based artificial intelligence firm have collaborated to bring cutting edge technologies in the field across India, Asia and Africa.

The deal between the healthcare companies from across the nations is slated to bring newer solutions in AI. The introduction of artificial intelligence in radiology can bring auto and intelligent detection of cancer, strokes, fractures and other medical conditions, which is exactly what this pact focuses on.

Having served healthcare systems by treating millions of patients globally over the years, Teleradiology is keen on the benefits that this collaboration would bring. It believes that the tie-up can bring Zebra’s cloud-based deep learning analytics engine to India, thereby improving their high quality radiology reporting.  

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The ability to produce and deploy AI for radiology by Zebra is unique and the Indian firm believes that it could add value to its overall offering.  Zebra believes that the partnership would help in bridging the gap between demand and supply of radiology services hence improving the quality of care.

By using state of the art deep learning technology, it would help the healthcare economies to make a leap in their businesses significantly.

The analytics platform by Zebra allows the healthcare institutions to identify patients at risk of disease and offer improved and preventive treatments. This Kibbutz Shefayim headquartered company was founded in 2014.

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