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India’s Hero Electronix Marches Into IoT Space With New AI Powered Devices

India’s Hero Electronix Marches Into IoT Space With New AI Powered Devices

Martin F.R.

Hero Electronix, Hero Group’s tech-focused venture announced its big entry into the Consumer technology space at CES 2019. In a bid to capitalise on the smart home and automation market, Hero Electronix, driven by emerging technology trends like global connectivity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and low-cost sensors launched more than 10 intelligent products across Home Automaton, Automotive, Health and Entertainment domains in the next 5 years.

Each of these devices has been architected from the ground up to solve specific needs of Indian consumers and to work in Indian environments and family set-ups. To develop these solutions, HEPL made massive R&D investments over the course of the past 24 months and partnered with global technology giants like Amazon and Qualcomm.

The first of these products were previewed at the CES 2019. At its heart, it’s an HD camera with advanced artificial intelligence that allows you to remotely monitor and protect your home. It has features like facial recognition and 2-way audio that helps you to stay connected with loved ones.

It also comes with night vision and motion alerts to guard against potential incidents. It has Alexa and home hub built-in, so you can use your voice to play music, control smart home devices, etc.

Moreover, this product is powered by the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence 100 Platform, which is based on the APQ8053 System-On-Chip. The Qualcomm Vision Intelligence platform includes a highly optimized custom CPU and GPU that is designed to provide high compute capability at low-power for on-device machine learning including integrated connectivity and support for display and audio features.

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Finally, the product launched also has a high-quality speaker that can fill your home with high fidelity sound.

All the products launched by Hero Electronix were a made-in-India device which makes it among the very few innovations from India to be presented at CES 2019, which speaks to its capabilities and uniqueness.

Talking about these developments, Ujjwal Munjal, Founder Director, Hero Electronix said, “We at Hero Electronix feel proud to have our products showcased at CES 2019, we intend on launching a series of AI Powered connected products that are designed and built grounds up in India for India and the world. Each of these intelligent consumer devices is unique, innovative and first of its kind in many aspects, best in class even on a global stage.”


  • Planning for the long-term, Hero Electronix is also heavily investing in building the core technology components in-house. This includes building a complete technology stack like hardware, cloud software, device software, the app which is being architected by its Engineers from nearly a  period of 2 years and is built in collaboration with leading global partners.
  • Hero Electronix is also making significant investments in AI specifically in image processing, which will lead to significant breakthroughs in terms of product features and functionality.
  • According to  Nikhil Rajpal, CEO, Hero Electronix, the company believes that they have a unique opportunity available to them at this point. There is a major revolution coming where AI-powered connected devices can solve massive real-world problems. As of now, the company is addressing the home automation space with a first range of products to be launched in the near term, the company will soon be coming out with products targeted at the automotive, health and fitness space also.
  • The devices launched by Hero Electronix powered by the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence 100 Platform with powerful image processing and machine learning for smart camera products is a huge step for a  company which has just embarked into the IoT space.
  • Earlier last year, the company acquired Gurgaon-based enterprise IoT startup Zenatix to beef up its IoT capabilities
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