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Infosys’ Recently Launched AI Solution Can Automate Helpdesk Operations

Infosys’ Recently Launched AI Solution Can Automate Helpdesk Operations

Infosys recently announced the launch of AI-driven ‘Cognitive Email Workbench’ solution in partnership with Blue Prism, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider and a strategic partner of Infosys since 2017.

The new offering will give enterprises the ability to augment query management and scale their helpdesk operations, significantly enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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An AI-based assisted automation solution, Cognitive Email Workbench will allow clients to eliminate manual resolution and build near-touchless contact centres. It combines AI, NLP along with Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities.

It also adds skills critical for enabling assisted and unassisted email responses, thereby giving customer helpdesks the flexibility to focus on requests actually requiring manual intervention.

It can perform tasks such as sense and proactively address customer and partner queries, understand customer intent by extracting attributes from emails, suggest personalised offers through customer analytics amplifying helpdesk effectiveness and improving customer satisfaction.

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With Cognitive Email Workbench, the company aims to address two key areas:

  • The need for the clients to be resilient to effectively address real-world problems
  • Bring accelerated intelligent automation adoption to leverage actionable insights.

“Together with Blue Prism, we are launching a solution that addresses both these imperatives while enabling enterprises to proactively and efficiently address their customer and partner queries. This is a validation of our partnership with Blue Prism and together, we will continue to launch industry-relevant intelligent automation solutions, said Balakrishna D R, SVP, Service Offering Head – ECS, AI and Automation, Infosys.

Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer for Blue Prism said, “Our partnership with Infosys is an illustration of how we are enabling our global clients to scale and drive an enterprise-wide AI vision. It will transform helpdesk operations, bring in new efficiencies and play an impactful role in driving digital transformation.”

Infosys has been on a mission to expand its AI product portfolio and deliver value to its customers and stakeholders. In another development, EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys, recently launched Nia DocAI – v 2.1, its document extraction, processing, and comprehension platform.

Nia DocAI, an offering of Infosys Nia, leverages advanced AI technologies, including Computer Vision and NLP, to assist customers across industries extract and consume information from complex enterprise documents, thus accelerating business outcomes.

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