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Join This Full Stack ML & AI Bootcamp In Delhi To Become A Job Ready AI Professional

Join This Full Stack ML & AI Bootcamp In Delhi To Become A Job Ready AI Professional

Richa Bhatia

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Artificial Intelligence sector is set to create the most jobs in India with AI and ML specialists netting an average salary of 13.7 lakh in India, indicates an ET report.  Our recent Analytics & Data Science Jobs Study 2018 showed that India is the second biggest analytics job hub after US and increasingly companies are also looking at a specialized skillset – knowledge of deep learning algorithms, image processing and NLP. India. According to an Accenture report, artificial intelligence can possibly add $957 billion to the Indian economy by creating better outcome for businesses and the society. Deep learning is empowering businesses across the world, including India and sectors such as healthcare, financial services, information technology and retail are already being transformed by the application of deep learning. Amidst the boom, India’s talent gap has emerged as a talking point, so much so that we are seeing a spate of Niti Aayog led initiatives to upskill the current workforce.

Can online learning really provide an immersive experience?

It is here that academic institutions and data science academies are plugging the gap with online, intensive courses which have an accelerated learning environment. Machine Learning is a huge field right now and it has sparked a slew of short-term courses that pack in comprehensive curriculum, real world projects and impart industry demand skills that employers seek. However online courses cannot substitute the rigorous, immersive learning required for the job. They may very well serve as a starting point, in the initial part of the learning journey but they do not establish the solid theoretical understanding or combine practical knowledge necessary for building deep learning models.

Jigsaw Academy Launches Comprehensive, In-Person Full Stack ML & AI Program

Jigsaw Academy, India’s industry leading analytics and coding institute is running a full-time, intensive 6 -month, in-person that requires 10 hours/per week commitment from students to excel. Developed in association with industry experts and senior Jigsaw Academy faculty Gunnvant Singh and Neha Shitut, the program teaches learners how to manage both structured and unstructured data such as images, text and video, demystifies the math behind the algorithms and also its business application. If you are looking to break into the AI/ML field with an in-depth foundational course that touches the core areas of artificial intelligence and also delves into practical applications, then this is the right fit for you. The career path leads to roles like Machine Learning Specialist, Chief Data Scientist or Lead Data Scientist. Sarita Digumarti, Founder & COO, Jigsaw Academy concurs, “After talking extensively to industry members, we are seeing that increasingly there are roles that require people to have machine learning algorithm knowledge”.

What: In-person, intensive, 12-weeks bootcamp that gives access to learning material for 6 months. The most in-demand career program has 10 modules that cover machine learning and Python for machine learning, feature engineering, linear models, ensemble models, clustering, recommendation engines, Deep Learning algorithms among other topics like Blockchain and R.

Who: The bootcamp is intended for IT professionals with up to three years of experience who wish to transition to machine learning.

Where: Since this is an in-person program, classes will be conducted in Gurgaon on weekends from 1s September 2018 onwards.

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Internships: One of the key features of the program is that students with more than 80% in each of the graded assignment will bag guaranteed internships with top firms

Key Features

Comprehensive Course: If you truly want to understand the nuts and bolts of the underlying deep learning algorithm and its application such as in computer vision or image recognition, then this course will cover the theoretical concepts and also take you through how to build DL models effectively. For example, the course will cover Convolutional Neural Networks, multilayered perceptors, activation and loss functions and implementing MLP & CNN using Keras & Tensorflow.

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Immersive, In-Person Program: The immersive, in-person nature of the program provides learners a guided learning path and real-world projects to work. Case in point, in the NLP module learners will build their own chatbot.

Guaranteed Internship: Besides working on real world projects, learners who excel in the program will also get a chance to intern with leading companies that leverage AI and ML applications for better business outcomes.

6-month access to courseware: The 6-month access to educational material allows students to refresh their classroom learning and learn on the job as well.

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