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Louis Vuitton enters wearable segment with a watch powered by Google’s Android Wear

Louis Vuitton enters wearable segment with a watch powered by Google’s Android Wear

Louis Vuitton enters luxury wearable segment with its new Tambour Horizon smartwatch

Louis Vuitton might have entered the wearable tech market only now, but their new luxury smartwatch is something that will enthrall all LV loyalist travel buffs. The French fashion luxury brand has named its brand new timepiece range ‘Tambour Horizon.’

The smartwatch gives alerts for calls, texts, emails, includes an alarm, and functions as a step tracker. Basically, it performs all necessary functions users would expect from a smartwatch. The device sports a 42 mm size dial, and is compatible with Android as well as Apple smartphones.


Tambour Horizon is powered by Google’s Android Wear 2.0 software, which has been developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and Google. Users will find Google’s latest features pretty handy. These include the latest software update, the ability to download apps directly from the smartwatch, as well as a couple of preload apps designed by the brand.

Besides, the technology provides ‘City Guide,’ an in-built application providing users with information about the label’s famed City Guides. This was previously created for seven different world capitals. The information could be suggestions for restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and more in real time supported by the watch’s geolocation function. Additionally, Tambour Horizon can also track the time zones of 24 world cities, taking cue from Louis Vuitton’s Escale watch.

It packs the state-of-the-art design and regular features of a smartwatch. But what will entice customers really is its attempt to retain its identity as a luxury travel brand and provide a world-class travel experience to its customers. The smartwatch contains a GMT function with 24-hour display on the rim of the dial and a unique ‘My Flight’ application. This application allows users view all their travel information (once stored in the device). Besides, the watch can provide updates on flight delays, terminal and gate numbers, delay alerts, remaining flight time, and much more.

With its iconic LV monogram print, customers can choose from three different case styles – graphite, monogram, and black. The unisex smartwatch also includes sixty interchangeable strap options, 30 each for men and women. The Tambour smartwatch is priced at $2,511 (about ₹1.6 lakh) exclusively for the case, and the strap costs an additional $303 (about ₹19,500). Furthermore, it is available in a host of customizable watch faces, which includes initials on the dial.



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