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MachineHack Launches MOCKS — A Skill Assessment Module On Machine Learning

MachineHack Launches MOCKS — A Skill Assessment Module On Machine Learning

MachineHack Launches MOCKS — A Skill Assessment Module On Machine Learning

Upskilling has taken precedence over anything in the current work environment. The entire enterprise ecosystem is pivoting to quickly adapt to a data transformation and new technology landscape. So, job seekers, professionals, and students, are faced with the inevitable need to upskill with a reputed skill certification to stay in tune with employers’ needs. 

In a constant endeavour to be an enabler to the Data Science community needs – MachineHack is happy to announce the launch of a new module called Mocks on its platform, built for aspiring, as well as working, Machine Learning developers. 

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This module is for students and working professionals, looking to practice and sharpen their skills in different aspects of the data science domain. In this article, we will be addressing the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘Where’ of the newly launched module. 

Why Mocks?

Mocks have been expertly designed to cater to the learning needs of Data Science enthusiasts who aspire to take it to the next level. The module helps by simulating a real-time scenario of the professional assessments in the domain. The learners get access to a certain number of curated advanced level questions, in a time-bound environment. 

How will it help?

The Mocks are intended to help learners prepare, build essential skills, strategies, and mental conditioning, to ace the real world certification tests.

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How to go about it?

The data science experts at MachineHack have curated the mock tests for very advanced test levels. 

Below is an illustrative walk-through for a few Mocks on the platform: 

Landing Page

Mocks Landing Page

Walkthrough of a Mock 

The current tests available in the Mocks feature are part of the initial launch. Rest assured, we are constantly working towards making fine and highly curated mock tests, which will help our learners pick up on various aspects of being a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Developer and Data Science Manager.  

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