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MachineHack Visualisation Challenge: Decode Data Science Salary Trends

MachineHack Visualisation Challenge: Decode Data Science Salary Trends

Abhijeet Katte

Analytics India Magazine’s online hackathon platform, MachineHack is adding one more dimension to the kind of hackathons it brings to the data enthusiasts. MachineHack today launched a new visualisation hackathon named, “Visualisation is Beautiful: Data Science Salary Visualisation Challenge”.  This will be a new kind of hackathon for users of Machinehack which has traditionally launched machine learning challenges till now. We would request all data scientists to download data from the hackathon and dig insights from the data using advanced analytics. Present the analysis with great visualisations.

We at MachineHack and Analytics India Magazine are very interested in trends and insights about the AI industry. We conduct many studies and surveys to understand the status of the industry. Analytics India Annual Salary Study which aims to understand a wide range of trends data science says that the median analytics salary in India for the year 2017 is  ₹12.7 lakh across all experience level and skill sets. We are releasing a dataset for you to visualise and give us great insights about data science and technology salaries in India. Votes by MachineHack users will decide who has the best visualisation.

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The hackathon platform is fast becoming the hub for data scientists. We have also launched a global leaderboard to appreciate the data scientists who are working hard on multiple problems on the platform.

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