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Namaste. IBM’s AI Platform Watson Rolls Out New Hindi Translation Services

Namaste. IBM’s AI Platform Watson Rolls Out New Hindi Translation Services



IBM, one of the world’s largest technology hardware company, has rolled out a new Hindi translation service in its AI-based platform Watson. This marks IBM’s foray into developing Indian languages in its products and services. The Language Translator program allows automatic translation of text for upto 20 languages across the world. Speaking on this occasion, Karan Bajwa, Managing Director at IBM India, gave a brief note of this latest feature.


“Watson with its cognitive capabilities understands Hindi or any other language along with its nuances and emotion. Watson’s deep learning methods help it understand words not just through their meaning but through how their meanings change in different contexts, and the frequency of these contexts which ensures that the translation accuracy of sentences is very high.” he told

Previously, IBM had showcased Neural Machine Translation (NMT) for Watson this year. This powers the AI engine with more features in translation by maintaining a superior accuracy. “Watson Translator service offers multiple domain specific translation models, can be customized and has the capability of translating documents (MS Office files) while preserving their format. Available in API form, anyone can embed this functionality to translate applications, websites, documents, chats, real time messages and more!” Bajwa added.

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In the recent years, IBM Watson has slowly making a transformational impact in the field of AI applications.From being a dress designer to even curing cancer, the follow through is immense. Just like digital assistants is omnipresent in today’s world, Watson aims to make a similar impact in businesses on a larger scale. By pooling AI, cloud and IoT together, Watson is definitely reinforcing the next-gen technology with more advancements. In addition, IBM is also leveraging on areas such as machine learning and data science to make this possible.

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