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If Alexa Rules The Smart Home Market – IBM’s Watson Assistant Is Set To Rival The Seattle Giant In B2B Space

As the battle between voice-enabled virtual assistants intensifies, and Amazon maintains a firm grip in…

How AI powered analytics tool by Adobe is capturing the way people use voice assistants?

In a recent development by this American multinational computer software company, Adobe launched a new…

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 packed with sensors and virtual reality

With ICC Champions Trophy reaching its semi-finals, the tournament has served the pallets of cricket…

This startup, born out of the founder’s PhD thesis on AI, is facilitating Virtual agents to Banks

This week we bring to you an interesting AI based company that is delivering solutions…

Emerging Technologies & How They Are Revamping The Marketing Landscape

Council Post: Emerging Technologies & How They Are Revamping The Marketing Landscape

For a long time, India has been a suppliers market. The focus on the customer…

Key Job Roles In The Upcoming Field Of Data Labelling

This article explores the various data labelling jobs available and the roles, responsibilities, and requirements of the job.

Overcoming The Language Barrier In NLP

It is important to build models that include the diverse range of languages spoken all over the world

Digital healthcare

Why 2021 Proved To Be A Significant Year For AI-Based Digital Healthcare

In this article, we discuss some important innovations and announcements from big tech companies in 2021.


Started As A Chip Company, Now We Are Here: Tracing NVIDIA’s Growth

NVIDIA, a pioneer in graphics processing units, has expanded its horizon and achieved a disruptor status in the field of artificial intelligence too.

NVIDIA Omniverse

Jumping On The Metaverse Bandwagon: NVIDIA Launches Range Of Omniverse Capabilities

Launched officially in April this year, NVIDIA has been speeding up its metaverse efforts or what it calls — the NVIDIA Omniverse.

NVIDIA’s Large Language AI Models Are Now Available To Businesses Worldwide

Nvidia doubles down on artificial intelligence language models and inference as a platform for the Metaverse, in data centres, the cloud, and at the edge.

NVIDIA Announces Platform For Creating AI Avatars

Omniverse Avatar connects the company’s technologies in speech AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines and simulation technologies.