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Tech Mahindra Launches An Open Source AI Platform GAiA Powered By Acumos

Tech Mahindra Launches An Open Source AI Platform GAiA Powered By Acumos

Tech Mahindra recently launched GAiA, an open-source AI platform that will enable enterprises across the industry to build, share and deploy AI-driven services and applications to solve business-critical problems. Also, GAiA is the first enterprise edition of open source AI platform Acumos.

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Furthermore, the platform will not only support enterprises across the industry to adopt open-source AI platform offerings but also help in implementing custom use cases, models and integration services. GAiA will be available for the commercial purpose and will support open source distribution.

The launch of GAiA is a part of Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxt charter that focuses on beefing up capabilities for next-gen technologies like AI. Acumos, AI-powered platform is now available in Beta, hosting a marketplace of Machine Learning (ML) models that can be applied to popular use cases in many industry verticals.

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“The need of the hour is to democratise knowledge in AI and make it accessible to everyone, accelerating adoption and transformation. With GAiA, we’re one step closer,” said Manish Vyas, President, Communications, Media & Entertainment Business, and the CEO, Network Services.  “We believe that it will be the change agent to drive digital transformation journey of our customers,” he further added.

Talking about the further enrichment of GAiA with various industry solutions and the existing marketplace, it will be done through collaboration with academia, third-party Machine Learning developers, and companies.

“Our goal in launching the Acumos AI project was always to see it become an open platform to accelerate innovation in the AI ecosystem, and we are pleased to see that vision taking shape. GAiA, powered by Acumos, looks set to help broaden AI’s reach even further and make it accessible to everyone,”  said Andre Fuetsch, President, AT&T Labs, and CTO at AT&T.

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