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This Job Site Witnessed 98% Increase In Cybersecurity-Related Job Posts

This Job Site Witnessed 98% Increase In Cybersecurity-Related Job Posts

According to a Business Insider, Indeed has witnessed a 98% increase in cybersecurity job postings in the last three years. Of which Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune have seen the most jobs openings related to cybersecurity such as information security, network security, penetration testing, among others. 

In another report, there are 67,000 jobs openings in the domain, which include threat management, network security, cloud security, and more. Along with Indeed, LinkedIn has reported cybersecurity as one of the most shot after jobs in India in 2020. In fact, Cyber Safety and Education expect a further rise in cybersecurity jobs, which could reach 1.8 million by 2022.

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“Against the backdrop of the newly proposed policies for the storage and protection of data in the Personal Data Protection Bill by the government in Parliament, organisations are striving towards complying with the framework for data processing to create a more secure environment by fortifying the cyberattacks,” told Venkata Machavarapu, head of engineering at Indeed India to Business Insider.

Governments across the world, have taken the rising concern of users seriously and have devised robust data protection laws. Therefore, firms are seeking cybersecurity experts to avoid stringent penalties. Firms who fail to protect users’ data have lost trust among users, and one prime example is Facebook. The company, on numerous occasions, has failed to safeguard users’ data, thereby losing its brand value. 

Today, there is a dearth of cybersecurity experts who can fill up the openings. Consequently, there is a huge miss-match between the demand and supply of cybersecurity professionals. This has led to the rise in the average annual salary of several cybersecurity-related jobs:

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  1. Security Specialist: ₹889,265
  2. IT Security Specialist: ₹807,170
  3. Information Security Analyst: ₹459,304 

“There is a shortage of talent that has caused hindrance for organisations to hire cybersecurity expert. Therefore, we should ensure that the resources, which we have at our disposal receive good training. Although there are institutes that offer courses, there is a need for relooking at the curriculum and focusing on practical oriented skill development,” said Gulshan Rai, former cybersecurity advisor to PMO.

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