Top 10 Generative AI Courses in 2023

A curated list of the top 10 Generative AI courses, designed to equip you with essential skills
Top 10 Generative AI Courses in 2023
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From creating images that look like real life to helping with creative writing, Generative AI is transforming what machines are capable of achieving. There is increasing demand for skilled individuals in this field, making it especially important to keep up-to-date on the latest knowledge and abilities related to generative AI.

This is why we have gathered together some carefully selected courses focused on updating you on everything you need to know about generative AI. Our comprehensive selection caters to both beginner-level participants and experienced practitioners who want to explore artistic possibilities or practical applications using generative AI technology.  

Let’s delve into the realm of generative AI and embark on a thought-provoking educational experience that will equip you with the ability to create, innovate, and influence what lies ahead.|

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Generative AI Crash Course with Hands-on Implementations

Made available by The Association of Data Scientists, the premier global body in the field of AI and Data Science, this comprehensive course is ideal for individuals seeking to learn Generative AI from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. Beginning with an exploration of the fundamentals of Generative AI, the course progresses to hands-on implementation of popular models like GPT, Stable Diffusion, and DALL.E. Enriched with informative reading materials, video tutorials, and practical Python implementation, this course offers a holistic learning experience, equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a strong foundation in Generative AI.

Generative AI in Action: Solving Complex Business Problems

This is another very useful course published by The Association of Data Scientists that focuses more on utilizing the power of Generative AI in different business problems. Starting with covering the most important and highly relevant business use cases, this course also covered how to build generative AI-powered applications by integrating the OpenAI APIs.

Building Systems with the ChatGPT API

This 1-hour course is featured by and delivered by Isa Fulford and Andrew Ng. It covers how to automate workflows using chain calls to a language model. You will learn to enhance development capabilities, create prompt chains, build systems with Python code, and construct a customer service chatbot. Apply these skills to real-world scenarios in this course.

How Diffusion Models Work

In this another useful course by, you will delve into the world of diffusion-based generative AI and learn to build your own diffusion model from scratch. You will gain an understanding of the diffusion process and the underlying models. This course will help you develop practical coding skills through hands-on labs on sampling, training diffusion models, and building neural networks for noise prediction. Taught by Sharon Zhou, this one-hour course expands your generative AI capabilities, equipping you with the knowledge to build, train, and optimize diffusion models.

Generative AI learning path by Google

Google Cloud has released this learning path that consists of a package of 10 courses. This learning path leads you on an expertly selected pathway of resources exploring generative AI products and technologies. It covers everything from the basics of Large Language Models to the practical aspects of developing and implementing generative AI solutions on the Google Cloud platform. Professionals who have limitations or restrictions in utilizing Google Cloud might discover certain constraints with the course.

Large Language Models: Application through Production

Focused on Large Language Models and published by Databricks, this course is available on edX. This course is specifically designed for practitioners seeking to build LLM-centric applications using cutting-edge frameworks. You will find Hugging Face for NLP problem-solving, LangChain for complex tasks, prompt engineering, data embeddings, and vector databases in this course. Enhance LLM pipelines, fine-tune models with domain-specific data, evaluate societal and ethical implications, and deploy at scale using LLMOps.

OpenAI, GPT, ChatGPT and DALL-E Masterclass

This comprehensive Masterclass on GPT, DALL-E, and ChatGPT is taught by Raymond Davey and is available on Coursera. This course equips developers, data scientists, and enthusiasts to harness OpenAI’s accessible AI capabilities. You can explore prompt engineering, API integration, CodeX, DALL-E, fine-tuning, embeddings, and chatbot creation in this course. This course also provides practical skills with detailed explanations, code examples, and prompts. Become a master of GPT and OpenAI’s transformative technologies.

Generative AI – From Big Picture to Idea, to Implementation

This course explores the advancements of Generative Artificial Intelligence and its potential. From various application fields to effective implementation, it delves into project ideation and practical starting points. It helps in discovering existing Generative AI models, relevant coding aspects, and architectural concepts. Additionally, this course also addresses ethical considerations and preventive measures by companies and governments.

Getting Started with Generative AI API Specialization

You will find a specialized journey exploring the world of generative AI through Python in this package of courses. It covers text, image, and code generation, highlighting OpenAI’s powerful API. Each course in this package helps learners with building practical skills and culminates in a real-world, portfolio-ready project. It covers building captivating recommendation systems, intelligent GPT-powered chatbots, and mastering image generation and manipulation with Dall-E and PIL (Python Imaging Library).

Build AI Apps with ChatGPT, Dall-E, and GPT-4

This comprehensive course empowers you to integrate mind-blowing AI features into your applications using the OpenAI API. Gain proficiency in utilizing the Dall-E, GPT-4, and ChatGPT APIs, and master the art of fine-tuning models with your own data. Through hands-on projects like MoviePitch and KnowItAll, explore idea generation, image creation, and chatbot development. Elevate your AI skills and unlock the potential of OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology.

The top 10 generative AI courses offered above provide individuals of all backgrounds the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge for utilizing this groundbreaking technology. Whether exploring art or practical applications, these courses offer tailored learning experiences. Embrace generative AI, unlock new avenues, and shape the future.

Sourabh Mehta
Sourabh has worked as a full-time data scientist for an ISP organisation, experienced in analysing patterns and their implementation in product development. He has a keen interest in developing solutions for real-time problems with the help of data both in this universe and metaverse.

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