Top 9 Platforms to Publish Your Data Science Blogs

Publishing blogs on wide reaching platforms is one of the ways to jump to the next level as a data scientist.
Top 9 Platforms to Publish Your Data Science Blogs
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In order to stand out in front of recruiters, data scientists need to have a great portfolio that consists of participation in hackathons, challenges, and forums. Among these, another crucial component is publishing blogs. But where to start?

There are several data science websites that have weekly newsletters or daily publications that teach about the latest trends and happenings in the field. To be able to contribute to these blogs can definitely help you make your mark in the industry.

Data scientists who have made major breakthroughs or want to share their ideas with the data science community can check out these platforms!

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Along with the latest developments in the data science and machine learning world, MachineHack offers a daily updated blog that readers can contribute and subscribe to. Explore in-depth news about the data science industry and understand the technicalities of new and emerging innovations through explainer blogs.

You can read stories from top data scientists across the world and also participate in hackathons to earn prestigious prizes and get recognised.

Data Science Central

A community-focused website that describes itself as a space for big data practitioners, Data Science Central posts multiple community contributed articles everyday. The articles published are directly from the data science community and therefore are updated with the latest trends in the field. Apart from blogs, they occasionally post videos about specific topics of AI and ML.

SmartData Collective

Focusing on business intelligence and data management blogs, SmartData Collective is a community site with blogs emphasising the transformation and trends in the field of businesses with the help of data science. For verification of the legitimacy of the participant submitted views, experts of the platform review them before posting.


In addition to posting community contributed blogs, InsideBIGDATA is a great source for latest news and services in the field of data science, machine learning, and analytics. The majority of the content on the website is in the form of blogs but also includes reports, editorials, and webinars. All the articles are also categorised based on their subject. 


Established with the focus on posting expert articles, Datafloq includes data science job postings, forums, events, along with contributed articles from data scientists. The content posted on the blogs is typically consumer-friendly along with being carefully curated for technical audiences. The content is categorised with great clarity on the menu bar of the website.

No Free Hunch

Kaggle’s blog page, No Free Hunch, posts blogs and articles of the winners of the hackathons and competitions at Kaggle along with news and tutorials. With this, the blogs offer a direct insight into the minds of the data scientists who are fostering innovations and performing exceedingly well in the field.


One of the largest and most reliable sources of information about data science, TowardsDataScience is a platform to exchange ideas and expand the understanding of the field among the community. Articles are reviewed by the experts in the company upon submission and are typically published on the basis of latest research.


Standing for “Knowledge Discovery”, KDNuggets is a community-driven website featuring submissions along with articles from experts of the data science field. KDNuggets also hosts tutorials, datasets, job postings, educational courses, and webinars and has nearly 800,000 visitors per month.

Open Data Science

With readers from beginners to industry-level experts, Open Data Science recently established their contributor community where data scientists can write blogs to reach a wider audience. Open Data Science also hosts their own conference where scientists can submit their ideas and can be called upon to elaborate on them to further discourse. 

Mohit Pandey
Mohit dives deep into the AI world to bring out information in simple, explainable, and sometimes funny words. He also holds a keen interest in photography, filmmaking, and the gaming industry.

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