Veda Labs Announces AI-based COVID Safety Feature Set For Retailers

To fight the COVID-19 pandemic Gurgaon-based Veda Labs recently announced an AI-based offering safety features for retailers. With an aim to install this technology-enabled feature in over 4500 stores in the next 18 months, it promises to keep the work environment safe and secure.

It will help retailers resume operations as per the Govt of India COVID-19 safety guidelines while ensuring a safe environment. The company believes that retail is one of the biggest industries that has got affected by COVID and its aftermath. With the operations starting again, the technology will help them get the real-time occupancy alerts of the floor by displaying if it is safe to enter or not and monitoring a person for thermal screening as he/she enters thus promising safety of each customer. 

Founded in January 2018 by Veer Mishra, Saurabh Shandilya, Vivek Singh, Saurabh Yadav, Veda Labs is a retail analytics platform that allows retailers to analyse in-store traffic and business metrics associated with it, thereby presenting real-time business insights to retailers. Vedalabs was conceptualised with a primary aim to make everyday CCTV cameras smart using AI and machine learning. 


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Features and benefits of Veda’s COVID-19 Safety solution include.

● Social Distancing

● Occupancy Alerts (& Access Control)

● Thermal Screening & Visitor Authentication in a contactless manner.

How does it work?

Veda Labsbelives that Edge processing has been a long pain for the technology industry. But now with the growth in processing powers and great Edge processing boards, AI algorithms can work flawlessly on-premises and yield great measurable insights for everyone.

Vouching on the same, it uses artificial intelligence to accurately measure the social distancing norm in a space while also presenting real-time occupancy alerts and authenticating each visitor in a contactless manner for mask and thermal monitoring. The key technology behind the software is Computer Vision, which is used on the existing CCTV cameras to measure the social distancing and occupancy of floors in real-time. The company also uses facial recognition technology to enable a contactless attendance nad thermal screening. 

The technology is as simple as installing software. The software stack connects with the existing CCTV camera’s automatically and you can select features that you want to run on each camera feed and thus get real-time insights with all the processing happening on the edge.

The key USP in Veda’s suite of offering is the ability to show a customer’s journey

throughout the store with an interactive representation. The dashboard allows a retailer to access the zone count along with the customer journey to get alerts on metrics like Store Occupancy, Social Distancing & Store sanitization frequencies. 

“With the inception of Veda, it has been an exciting journey for us. From starting in a one-room

flat in Delhi to scaling the company in three countries. There are exciting times ahead despite the pandemic and we aim to help retailers navigate through this chaos with our technology smoothly.” says Vivek Singh, CEO at Vedalabs.

Veer Mishra, CMO at Veda Labs said, “the world needs to resume day to day operations with proper precautions & with the technology they can overcome the fear of the pandemic and secure their surroundings. It is crucial for businesses & people around them feel safe.’ 

The company has made the COVID safety tech available immediately,  at a price as low as Rs. 500 a month. 

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