Why Working Professionals Must Learn Business Analytics

Why Working Professionals Must Learn Business Analytics

Business analytics have been playing a key role in transforming and reshaping many industries. As businesses are getting competitive, companies are relying on big data to enhance their services and transform operations. Business analytics plays an important role to drive these transformations. 

Today, customers expect personalised services with fewer complexities. That’s why companies are utilising data to get a comprehensive view of their customers to provide them with a personalised experience across all channels.

In fact, information pouring from multiple sources has led to a massive increase in data, which is predicted to grow 44X to reach 35 trillion gigabytes. With such an explosion of customer data, right from transactions to demographics, financial organisations, as well as eCommerce firms, have witnessed an enormous amount of opportunities to thrive in this competitive environment. 

However, due to a lack of desired talents in the market, companies struggle to completely harness the power of data for their business growth. And to make the matter worse, the changing behaviour of customers further restrain companies that rely on traditional practices. 

Data is everywhere and in massive quantities, however, sorting through that to identify what is relevant to the business is a necessary skill for the current competitive marketplace. Starting from predicting business outcomes to understanding consumer behaviour and market trends as well as providing advice to financial clients, analytics can be used to determine everything. But, the challenge is to comprehend how this analytics can help your business and solve problems to bring long-term success.

Therefore, to quickly adapt to the varying needs of customers industries such as financial institutions and eCommerce platforms are actively looking for professionals who can effectively leverage these customers’ data to assist in making informed business decisions. 

Career Advancement With Business Analytics

Working with such a massive amount of customer data demands a unique set of skills, which includes domain knowledge, technical proficiency and thought leadership. Alongside, it also requires the ability to use statistics, quantitative analytics, and modelling techniques. Strong expertise in data visualisation and communication, along with advanced statistical methods, can also help analytics professionals to drive transparency and improve decision making processes in the business. 

With business analytics knowledge, professionals can effectively leverage data from multiple sources in a seamless manner to make smart managerial decisions. This, in turn, can create a competitive edge for their organisations. While there are several offerings in the market for banking professionals to grasp analytics knowledge, only a few provide a holistic view and the comprehensive domain knowledge of the industry. And that’s where BITS Pilani Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics for working professionals comes into the picture. 

This 12-month online programme has been designed for management and technology professionals across industries who are looking for rapid career progression in the high-growth areas of business analytics. Not only this programme will equip participants to apply cutting edge frameworks and analytical methods to solve business problems but also design solutions leveraging AI and ML techniques. 

Furthermore, the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics also comes with more than ten electives that learners can choose as per their interests. Attending this programme, participants will be able to build expertise in deep analytical skills to solve critical business problems as well as effectively communicate with diverse stakeholders and business leaders.

Highlights Of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

  • With live online classes conducted on weekends or after business hours, participants can learn without a career break.
  • The programme offers exposure to state-of-the-art data analysis/visualisation tools such as R, Python and Tableau.
  • It offers practitioner-oriented insights from industry experts that will help participants develop solutions to real-world problems using cutting edge analytical techniques.
  • The learning methodology is a blend of classroom and experiential learning, including lab exercises, assignments, case studies and work-integrated activities.
  • On successfully completing the programme learners become members of an elite and global community of BITS Pilani Alumni.
  • It ensures contact-less and safe Online exams facility.

Wrapping Up

The big data boom has massively transformed businesses across industries — whether it be financial organisations using data to enhance their user experience or eCommerce firms leveraging it to understand customers’ buying patterns. Thus, a postgraduate diploma in business analytics can be an exciting choice for professionals wishing to stand out in highly competitive workplaces by acquiring prestigious masters-level qualification from a premier institution.

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