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With Zoom Rooms, organisations can re-enter the office safely and support their hybrid workforces.
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Zoom has collaborated with Logitech international to offer an optimal interactive experience via Zoom Rooms. Zoom’s software-based room system features a range of innovative products and solutions from their hardware partner Logitech–designed to support the anywhere workforce.

“With Zoom Rooms, organisations can re-enter the office safely and support their hybrid workforces. Innovative features like Workspace Reservation, Virtual Receptionist, Smart Gallery and Zoom Whiteboard empower happy and connected teams to stay productive, as well as enhance equity and inclusion in the meeting experience, regardless of where they are. Zoom Rooms can also be utilised to elevate the customer experience across industries including the education and BFSI sectors. We remain committed to helping organisations in India support their workforce and their customers by delivering a frictionless and secure communications experience with Zoom’s platform,” said Sameer Raje, GM and Head, India and SAARC, Zoom.

The AI-based solutions will elevate employee and customer engagement for organisations of all sizes and industries.

Zoom’s Abhinav Kashyap gave a walkthrough of the latest products and solutions at the Zoom Room Experience day held in Bengaluru. Here’s the rundown.

Smart Gallery

The smart gallery solution leverages AI to create individual video feeds of in-room participants so they’re viewed clearly and equally by remote employees, creating a more inclusive hybrid work experience. The feature uses AI models based on object detection and conversational AI to strategically capture a single-camera view of multiple people in a Zoom Room and send up to three unique video streams to better display the in-room participants to remote attendees.

Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery displays multiple video feeds from a single conference room. This allows the Zoom Room cameras to focus more closely on groups of participants and display people more clearly to remote attendees. Effective collaboration between remote attendees and Zoom Room participants can be enhanced by the face-to-face meeting experience. The solution offers virtual assistant capabilities and all you have to say is “start the meeting” for instant launch.

Source: Zoom

Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard is a modern take on the traditional whiteboard that provides a unified solution for collaboration and creation within the platform. Employees can interact with the Zoom Whiteboard in a similar manner to an in-person experience, creating more visually engaging and efficient collaboration. With the global workforce embracing hybrid work environments across industries, there is an increased need for solutions that seamlessly foster ideation and teamwork among co-located and distributed colleagues.

Source: Zoom

Workspace Reservation

Workspace Reservation is a cutting-edge solution that enables teams to reserve flexible workspaces like an open desk, personalised Zoom device or Zoom phone. The solution enables users to easily book meeting spaces using an interactive map, whether they are on-site or remote and gives organisations the flexibility they need to support the modern workforce.

Source: Zoom

Zoom Rooms Controller

Zoom Rooms Controller allows users to start, stop and control Zoom Rooms meetings from their personal mobile devices, ipads and workstations. Users can  use their iPhone, Android, or laptop to pair to the local Zoom Room with ease. The feature allows users to start, stop and control Zoom Rooms meetings from their paired personal mobile devices, eliminating the need to come into contact with high-touch points.

Source: Zoom

Zoom Room Scheduler

A Zoom Room Scheduler shows the current availability of meeting rooms, displays upcoming meetings, and allows people to easily reserve time for an instant Zoom meeting. Eliminating scheduling headaches and squatters, the system integrates with Zoom Rooms and an employee’s current calendar system, so there is only one system for IT to manage and for the end-user to understand.

Voice Commands for Zoom Rooms are supported on all Zoom Rooms platforms. With a locally processed expanded command set, Zoom Rooms participants can use voice commands such as “start meeting,” “leave the meeting,” “check-in,” to provide a safe and effective hands-free meeting experience.

With integrated APIs like DocuSign, various apps can be integrated into the Zoom experience. The Zoom team is also working towards using AR,VR technologies to provide a more immersive experience.

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