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Applying Business Analytics to promote young artists on Youtube

Applying Business Analytics to promote young artists on Youtube



The Aaryan Project case-study for Iktara Productions Cannes…

Ritesh Ranjan | Abhishek Kumar

Guru Krishnan V | Palaparthi Lalitha

Under Purba H. Rao , Visiting Faculty




The project emphasizes on understanding the attributes that help in deciding the success of a video among Indian youth. Based on the observation and key findings from Qualitative research, two surveys were conducted to gather quantified data for estimating the weightage assigned to the attributes related to a YouTube video. Data collected also included ratings by people over some of the attributes associated with videos of Aaryan. Based on the analysis, it came out that emotional video and perception about the artist being good are two important attributes that would always increase the odds of getting like over the video. Our analysis also suggests that peoples’ ratings to Aaryan’s performance over attributes such as voice, music, lyrics and video were higher than the score of some of the famous players in the industry. The primary target segment for Aaryan could be people of age 20-25 years, who strongly promote young artists on YouTube by sharing their videos on Social media. For Aaryan, the recommendation would be to present himself to a larger audience using bigger platforms like movies. Aaryan can also think of promoting his videos through YouTube promotions for at least one month after its launch. High number of views and likes increases the chances of additional views and likes (similar to rich getting richer and poor getting poorer concept). Considering the factors involved in virality of a video on YouTube and kind of video concepts preferred by the target segment, our suggestion would be that Aaryan must experiment with some non-conventional videos as well.

Background of the study- project

Iktara Productions Cannes was founded in 2011 as a music & film production company with offices in Cannes, Dubai and Mumbai. The production house’s first release is the launch of a young Indian singer and musician to the world in December 2012. Some music projects have already been produced and several of them are on the production floor and are slated for mid to end 2014 release. Iktara Productions is a subsidiary of its parent company Iktara World.

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Aaryan music videos are released by Iktara Productions. Aaryan has gone viral since the launch and is a representative of the power of social media when it comes to the proliferation of good music. Our project on Aaryan music of Iktara production, encompasses our desire to understand the genesis of a successful music video, that is, what really determined its success.

In this project, the motive is to identify the key attributes on which a video is rated by people and what are the relative importance that weighs on each such key attributes. Based on such a framework, we wanted to extrapolate the general key attributes to a narrow study on a youth group’s ratings, which determine the key drivers that youth value for a successful video


Identifying the key attributes that determine the likelihood of success of a music video and the importance of each such attributes in the context of rating a video.


The key research questions explored in the project are as follows:

  • What are the attributes that determine the success of a video?
  • What are the factors, which affect the perception of a video?
  • How do people weigh on the importance of each such key attributes?

Download the complete paper below-

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